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umm.. yeah.. im just a student.. I love cats very much..

I love singing japanese and korean songs ( even though i dont understand it) haha!! but it inspired me to write stories and draw, but im a huge fan of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez!! ^______^

I love to listen to IU (kpop singer),her song Someday and its first love!! (so mushy) and Alan Dawa Dolma (jpop singer) her Over the clouds song makes me dance!!
i eat a lot!!.. (but im not really really fat)

i love reading, making comics/manga,,and ANIME

I love to draw.. when im not lazy.. -__-
Im a left-handed person.. hmm.. i dont know why.. but i love my left hand coz it is good in drawing!! *__< (people think im weird because of it..)

I love Bisco Hatori, the manga artist of Ouran high school host club, Maki Minami of Special A and Seiyu-ka also my most favorite manga artist, Natsuki Takaya of Fruits Basket and Hoshi no uta!! I love her because she's a left handed too and a good manga artist.. i was inspired because of her!!!.. ;D

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July 1st, 2013
aaarrrrrrrghhhhhh!!! pls update soon!!!! XD
July 1st, 2013
..fakebook!! XD
more updates please.. :) such a cool soldier!! XD
cute!!.. XD
..kawaii!!.. :3
,,i really enjoy your comic.. XD i love Grey!!.. :D She's totally AWESOME!!..
so cute..sna marami pang updates!.. ;)
ano po ginagamit mong pandrawing?.. :O paganda ng paganda ang story! ;3
More updates pls!! XD can't wait for the next paGE!! i love this manga!!.. :3
this is getting exciting!!
its because Mary is in that picture!! XD
LOL!! :D lazy Tom..and
Mary talks!! O_o
OMG!! im getting excited!! :)
what about the news?..
cute Mary!.. :3
more! more!! :)
hi! i like your story!! :3 its interesting!! XD

more updates please!!.. :)
hi ate! paganda ng paganda ang story nito!! antay q lagi ang update!!! XD
congratulations poh!!
OMG!! that's sooo cute!!
it reminds of flame of recca!! :)
i love it!!! ^___^
YIKES!! what a creepy doll!! this so interesting!! *_*