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I might not be able to create fan comics but i do make stories off of My account is the same as the this one, my series are put to hold at the moment i might need to redo one. I'm just here to make friends and there's many fictions here that i like. I'm a video game person, i play adventure games like. Legend of zelda, final fantasy, mario, ect. Shooting games. Alot that are first person shooter like halo, gears of war, resident evil. I watch or read anime and with all of these i don't a favprite because i can't decide. The stories i make on youtube are called. Link and zelda's stories spirit tracks version, tetra's diary, four swords high school and the terror of death's life.

Wii number: i'll put in late because i forgot at the moment.
Xboxlive name: zombie copter or azurakite
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I like your icon afrohawkman. And your comic. ^^
I'm curiouse since you're needing a co-author and what exactly would I need to do if I ended up as co-author. I'm a fan of your comic and I hope a new part comes out soon. If needing a co-author is what you need. I'm iffy on offering my assistance since I'm on writers block on the stories I make on youtube. Hope you repsond soon.
Six more days
Six more days until the sequel, unless something makes a delay, I can wait. U make great comcis.
Red vs blue all over again. XD
To be honest, I loke ur comic and all but I don't like sora's food fedish.
U keep reeditting it, which i don't think is wrong but, ( correct me if i'm wrong) are nervouse or worried or something?
Mickey got over killed. That's what he gets for being a cocky little mouse. Nice series man.
I just stared reading this so u might've change this but, u do make alot of people sat "crap" alot