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Yo. I'm sporadic and working on my work ethic. Eager to draw or collab, or whatever SJ is into these days.
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i see that demi flag in the back lol
DEMIS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isekaid into is my new favorite series of things.
O O f. Ambrose my husband.
@Magic Turtle: I see you're a pervert of discerning taste.
lol yes good
came back to see if my eyes had deceived me and I just saw a paramore album. 'Not Paramore'. Oh alright then!
I have this really hilarious mental visual of gabe just deciding enough is enough, yelling "NOPE!", grabbing the cat demon and just slamming the eye back in.
BABIES. <3 This page is looking great. Loving the hands.


Lovely story, love the pacing and writing so far.
please make a parody one with the meme. I would die laughing. xD

"I can be your angle, or your deveel."
Every single page is just too cute. It is not good for me to mentally scream "Precious babies as I read." every.
They're dynamic makes me smile. xD Two roomies who have grown used to, but still annoyed to all hell by, each other's quirks.
going back through the comic to refresh my memory before I get to the newer strips. This one still makes me laugh way too hard.
I'm assuming she's seeing them crazeh eyes because of her imminent one way trip to Hecate.
Oh Brad. Stay hilarious.
I love me some Windows 7. It's given me no problems. Tumblr delivered up a very similar program that works for MAC...
Paint tool SAI is shamefully easy to get for free. I don't like it more than photoshop, but hey. It amazes me when people have problems with Windows. It's never done anything like that to me in all the years i've used it. o-o
I'm exactly like this too. I don't like it when things move fast. It actually caused me to be uncomfortable if stuff is rushing around.