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Spellchecking Time
First off, great work like always but there are some spelling errors.

Non should have an 'e' at the end.
Replace the y with i in busyness
Beign should be spelled as being (change the gn around)
Sence, the C needs to be changed to S.

I hope I'm not being rude Dx
I remember reading this in DA YEARS ago! Ahh X3
spell check time
the howl needs to be changed to Whole.
And there needs to be an E at the end of non.

Other than that, excellent job like always! :)
I'm still here with the others!! :D
@Emi: I support him! I'm so glad i'm not the only one who thinks so.
Christine, run... no wait, jump out of a window? Hide?-- uh, play...dead? Yeah, that'll fool Daniel, most definitely.

Besides that, I absolutely LOVE this comic :3 It's dark and gorgeously brutal.
My good sir, you're running out there butt-naked with only but a towel around your hip...
Might I suggest you steal some of Gawain's clothes? ...No, o-okay then. LOL

BTW, awesome job with the page here :)
How to commit murder on a passed out victim 101! xD
Oh goodness, no! Don't pinch his nose! LOL
October 29th, 2014
Wait a minute
Devil may cry...? My, I'm starting to love this!
I really think that Jasper's the sandman's son, or related to him since he's a dream.
OMG!! :D
Congrats!!! :D
I wish you all the best to you and your family!
them demons!!! Dxx
March 12th, 2014
damn lol
Falcon punch!!! xDD
...Mr. Feathersworth!!!??? O.o
@Nadishko: you made a slight typo there love, you accidentally put "wandering" not "wondering"
I totally agree with you there. The only one who was manipulative was Shizu, not Kauro. I really hope Kauro and Naoto get together :3
Since there are three Shuno now... does that mean 4somes with Kaito? ;3 LOL
Derp bird xD
And OMG that last panel,(me and my hetalia fandom)I kinda wanna pull on the curl and see what'll happen... >_<
Yay!! the pebble badge-- now do I get my sweater back? =__=
Pffft!!! LOL
This is hilarious! I will admit something, my relationship with my college sweetheart is exactly like this.
One day I love him to death and then the next day I hate him!
It's okay Naoto-- you'll figure things out, lol.
PS. poor flower...