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I'm just your average smart ass. I'm Native American so I can't draw, but my drawings have meanings... No there just smart ass remarks but still. Enjoy.
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    Icy Pilager
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And company loves misery. You can quote me on that.
Hate the World Club
Yeah join the fuckin club.
Holy Christ that's detail. Meanwhile my art sucks
Why the MidWest.
Sort of middle of no where-ish. Why not New York, or San Fransico where the real weridos are.
Pretty Colors
Wow those are nice colors. No more LSD for me.
I love the art and all but I don't read siggly lines.
That's some nice art. I was listening to "Still Dre" while listening to this and the mood it added was cool.
Sucks? Not!
That doesn't suck. My drawings such, yours are nice.
Too bad.
Too bad Christmas is over, cause I want her under the tree. lol.
Um, don't hurt me T_T
That's fuckin scary.
That was fuckin funny. lol
If only I could draw that well T_T