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Cactus Luv
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T^T thank. And trust me I know about those brick backgrounds, I give you major props for that
And we have missed you dear Boshedagh! Things are getting intense~
Dat perspective. so in love with this T^T
Cactus Luv
November 21st, 2012
:3 I love the story so far! Very interesting!

The sentence structure is odd in this page though. Instead of "It won't be a long waiting" it should be: "It wont be a long wait"
Seriously though, the waits for this series is worth it! :D
Of course Lucia, run into the dark scary woods while emotionally unstable. That's what I do. Every time.
Anyways it is a great page! :D So happy to see it!
d'aw :3
Wait, does that mean Lucia's a dreameater too? ._.
Lucia tell me you recognized him! He's your brother or cousin or whatever D:
uoHADNVLAFSIODHNFB someone is gonna die if i cant find out if they're like siblings or cousins or something SOON ._. jk no pressure. :3 im just glad you update often
*flails arms* :3 hooray you're back, don't feel bad, even though i'm totally shaming you. I'm just glad that you still update even with all the preparation
._. I love this. so much.
._. this next page better come soon. I'm at my wits end waiting for Haru to reveal himself to Lucia.
Curses. My plans have been foiled again! Oh well, I just want Lucia to meet Haru. I have theories to be proven. O. o
Mr. Grimm you jerk. mend this hole in your relationship with a romantic thing. I seriously don't care what the romantic thing is. MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL
o: hope things get better for you! as for Mr. Grimm....dang. I feel like laughing like a maniac because of DAT GRIN.
pfffft. I can't help but snicker while staring at this page :D
O: Mr. Grimm is badass! who knew D: run thugs run!!
thank god your alive. I was checking this comic every day and was all: D:< Y U NO UPDATE? but it was so worth the wait :)
hahaha...oh those violent and pain inducing...hahaha