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"The headhunters" are updated 3 times a week
"Dada-dada" is updated at random.
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This looks great!
He looks like such a nice guy
On that note, happy halloween
Sweet cover
@darknoon: Thank you... I think
September 19th, 2012
@darknoon: Ya I screwed up big time here lol. Won't happen again.
I love head
Haha sweet!
@lovemuffin: Green eyebrows with yellow mustache would be silly, daggling snots makes more logical sense
Me Gusta
Eye patch over bandages lol genius
Hope things will get better next week
The power of potasium
Oh s**t! A NON-ARROW!
I just felt to say thanks to those who added me as their favs, and thanks for anyone else that enjoys reading this.
I'm hoping to see that head guy again
Those are some tiny teeths
Oooh snap!
@suphawker: He was peeping toming his wife