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Hey people. I like spriting, don't get me wrong, but I'm not gonna update as much as i normally do. I'll update maybe twice at most. NO STEALING SPRITES! It's a burden trying to find stealers so if you find someone using them, PM me, because I'll just be reading comics instead. So you can somewhat say I've kinda given up on spriting. Yeah...

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hey vye. sorry for never going on, I got addicted to GaiaOnline.
Oh and one more thing...
I'm starting My Drawn Comic! Yay!
Wait for it, because it is gonna be awsome!(Like yours, I hope.)
I left the comic. just to let you all know. check my new comic when I start uploading my stuff.
your room is like my beach house in the Philippines. Real Life no joke, I like it, it reminds of there. 5'd for the awsome place.
i personally find that we have alot of authors already, but whatever the others say it's cool by me.

EDIT: No comics from me for a bit. Working on some sprites.
Probably due to his injury(read the comment form Monty Fang). Well, anyways, Caine eh? YOu shoulda made him say, "Why'd you wake me up from nappy time!?"
I would have found it more amusing.
He does huh? hahaaha that's hilarious.
No one knows he's an assassin okay? hehe, assassin is a funny word. hehehehe....comment and rate please.
hahaaha that's funny.
Hey, If you guys didn't notice, I left. Sorry for any dissappointments.
WolflanDarkWolf: Really? Thanks for the 5!

BlackElementals: Hey, don't get caps locky mad. I tried to do it, but It said I needed superuser access even though I had it. Sorry again.
July 22nd, 2007
I decided that I needed myself a sprite for being author. SO I found this in photobucket with some old sprites. (c) iWish and credit is there and blahdadi blahdadi blah!
Oh...okay. Thakns for that Red. You're Avvie makes a point Red! Everyone's immitating the iPod ads and seeing how I did it before them, and they just started, I feel like it withers my name and all the jokes that it can have.
that's how fast I am. hehe
credit to the room maker place and credit to me for remaking it so it would turn out like this. (C) iWish and blah blah blah. They teleport into there. commetn and rate. making sprite right now. enjoy this for now!
hey, Slash! Where did you get those Scourge sprites? I wanna use it in my new comic. If you could send them to me in a message, I would really appreciate it. thanks. And 5, 'cause the comic is awsome!
*Makes more random sprites* thanks!
I got to see Transformers on my birthday! Which was June 28! Wheee!!! and I saw harry potter on..July 10th! Wheee!!! Those movies rocked! Especially seeing my (wish-it-was) girlfriend, Megan Fox.(The girl in transformers.) IT was AWEsome! MY sprites and room are in my sprite gallery. just check it out and comment k? thanks!