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Tie M.
Hey, I'm Tie! I like comics, a shocker I know!
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Stupid bird! You made Naoto look bad! >:V
Haru: CAN I HUG YOU!?!?!
What would have happened if Saiyu wasn't as pretty as she is? Would you still love her as your master, even if she was ugly?

Katsu: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like multiple genres or just one?

For Haru, Katsu, and Kai: Okay, not so much as question, but I really like your guys' sense of fashion.

What would you do if you were the masters?

Do you have any sort of secret talents? (Like cooking, sewing, painting, memorizing every steet name and location, etc.)

Violet: Can you fly with those pigtails?

Saiyu: Do you consider it bad to have a neko? Or is it your still adjusting to the whole experience?

Koko: How do you stay so positive all the time? Do you use sports as some sort of stress relief?

Alex and Joe: Do you guys see yourselves being in the comic more?
I'm a Japanese language student, but I took French way back in middle school. Sad thing is, I think it's easier to learn than French. XD
Tie M.
September 4th, 2011
Alright Mika and other pissed off readers..
Please help in the forming of the "Teach this bastard a lesson! >83" mob. Join now and get a free cream puff!!
Brought to you by the creators of "The Birds":
"The Bugs"
Fly my pretties! Fly! Fly!
...Someone had to say it. >.>
"Run like the wind BullsEye!"
So.. Ditched his friend did he?
This page makes me wish my little brother would let me hug him.. ;__;
Gotta love how they seem so into it. XD
Haru and Katsu are just so cute, even when they're in the midst of battle! *fangirl squeal*
Oceanus is quite intimidating. O.O
Please be helping Zeus, PLEASE BE HELPING ZEUS!! D;
I-I'm sorry everyone. I dressed up as Chronus and switched places with him in panel three... I just couldn't help myself! D;

All jokes aside, can't wait to see what happens next! owo