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Hey! My nickname is Nikki! um. . . .-. . . . x3 love yaoi~! and others too. All my first fish died, so im lonely anad sad Dx but dont worry, i have ANIME. and manga.. and FOOD! Do you love me now? x3
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November 19th, 2013
Awww. Makes me wanna cry.. That's really touching. Kaito! Better start makin dem buns some way or another!
Asdfghjkl. I'm so happy, I wish I could give you the cookies I just made because you deserve a cookie. X3 this happiness.. I can't contain it!!!
I'm already kinda rooting for one of them >.> .... But I'm not sayin who..... >m< anyways, the battle begins! I'm scared though..
I kept trying to click the next button, then I realized it was never there to begin with. This cruel world is against me!
I can already see what's gonna happen, yes!! Yess!! Do it! Reach for the waffle box and reach real deep!! The anticipation!!! I have a feeling we are definitely going to see some fine ASSets x3
your so awesome >w< this just made my day since months.. ive been having a sad day THANKS X333 cant wait for next page.
wil Tsukiyomi steal Carter? >W< *EXCITEMENT* lol love the chibis'! Makes me wanna squeeze em' till they explode! XX3
rofl everyone is going crazy. >>w<< what's next!!!????!!

YYYYYYEEESESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! we all know what this means >>w<< lol
Mika Beats! lol
I've got an idea! I just made music on some website.. lol and it's so awesome.. I made some lyrics but I'm too much of a wuss and how do I know if the song I make will get sexier? lol..

Go to:
To listen to it! Just click that picture of the headphones and wait like 5 seconds for it to load.. it sucks right? I'm making better beats right now though so fear!
But I just thought that the first sound sounds awesome because I can hear Miku's fans screaming.. lol
Idk if this will help (I refuse to write songs.. because,.. because... WHATEVER.) ANYWAYS.. I guess you should use fans songs ((YOUR GUYS LYRICS ARE AWESOME! >W< IF I WERE A SINGER I WOULD TOTALLY USE EM' AND GIVE YOU CREDIT OF COURSE~!))but there are some songs I thought were nice and thought of this ^w^ it's:: thanks for the memories and sugar we're going down (both by Fall out boys {{I <3 them!!}}) It's just some parts in the songs I thought would really go nice in adding in some of the songs, like (one lyric from the song) "get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes, I'm a liner away from getting you into the mood.."
I can add sexiness to your guys lyrics lol xD
WOAH! who's this smexy one? My imagination is getting the best of me right now! >-<

I'll be patient though, for now.
I haven't been on for months and look what I've missed!! I feel like an outsider now..

D-A-R-N. Can't believe I have to wait >w< I'll try my best to be patient.. by imagine already is imaging-I'm tingling already lol
i cant feel my eyeballs. i've been blinded by smex x3 i love you!
i think i'll go die with PoynterJones in the corner.. x3 gahhwahhh! xxxxxxx3
poor little doggie >< tell your dog i love him!.. or her. :D ahh yes, the love of doggie love. did i make sense? :|
ADORABLE! it reminds me of a grown-up keke >w< i like it.. or do i love it?.. WHAT ARE MY FEELINGS?! DO I HAVE FEELINGS? DOES ANYONE HAVE FEELINGS?!! D'X gah. i think.. i may be going crazy. >.>
CONGRATS ON THE 100TH PAGE! :D time for cake. yay!
November 10th, 2011
his face is so adorable on the last panel~! x3 *sqeak* more!!
November 3rd, 2011
i just realized this now, but in the fifth pannel, kaito kinda reminds me of Edward from fullmetal alchemist with that braid xD