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A writer who enjoys spoofs above all else.
That headband looks familiar. Almost makes you think I'd planned the whole comic from start to finish over a period of two years or something.

Anyway, just thought I'd update the pages I have now and let you know that I won't be doing weekly updates anymore. I'll upload the last 9 pages of this chapter when they're done. And from then on I'll be uploading a whole or half chapter when it's done. Sorry if that's a pain, I just feel it would work better for me and take the stress of weekly updates off my back.

Also, sorry this took longer than 10 weeks (6 whole friggin' months!), but my ex-girlfriend has come back into my life to give me grief and depress me.
Car hates Mak, but now she owes her!
PLEASE READ: Long story short, this comic is going on a temporary hiatus as I'll be busy on a course for up to 10 weeks, plus I'm sick from an infection after some minor surgery so I'm in a lot of pain :/. You'll know the comic's back when I start updating again.
Flying punches are hard to aim, but do they really pay off if they hit?
I've never brought the idea that fighting is a "man's thing" or that men are naturally more violent. I've seen women brawl on the street and practice in the dojo. A lot of the time they're more aggressive than dudes, though they could be compensating for their being smaller than a lot of dudes.

Anyway, Carissa and Jill practice karate and Makoto just copies moves from movies and comics.
Usually it's only one: weaker weapons, tougher zombies, stronger zombies or faster zombies. But I went all out and used all of those choices to create tension for this scene.
Ian only just got his eyebrows back and now he's chewing his nails to nothing. Considering they're in a long, fairly narrow hall there seems to be a lot of space.
On time this week. My bad for last week.
In black in case the purple is too hard to see/ burns your eyes out their sockets.
Told you I'd do something special :D. This is late cos yesterday I was travelling to and from various places. Half the day was spent on buses. Ugh.
Gonna have something special for page 40.
Another early update. Aren't I good to you :D.
I didn't mean to but, as the comic has gone on Ian and Makoto have slowly become prettier and prettier.
@raziesgirl : Thanks, I always appreciate feedback.
Another early update cos I'll be busy tomorrow.
An early update cos I'll be busy tomorrow.
I'm off my preparation hiatus and I'll be uploading every Sunday as per usual. This was late this week for personal reasons.
I'm still on my preparation hiatus, I'm just uploading this for now.
Jill obviously has no sense of stat balance :P. I'm having an early *and* double upload this week cos I'm gonna be on hiatus for a while to prepare for the 2nd half of chapter one (another 30 pages), incl. character sheets and a strip buffer. I simply don't know how long I'll be so I won't give a guess.
"...and in a horror movie." is what John should've said XD.