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Well part of me thinks by the name its Sandshrew/Sandslash. But honestly, I'd bet its either another Diglett or a Dugtrio xP
I like turning into a werewolf and RIPPING their heads off =w=
That was me, it was over 60 hours of play before i figured it out >>;

i just did it at random before that ._.;
/doesnt read the journals
December 21st, 2011
Ooo~ he admitted it! x3
Lol, poor neglected Pikachu D;
October 12th, 2011
I love colored panels <3 x3
Yay! Ive wanted this to update for so long x3 thank you!!!
@everyone above- I'm pretty sure he is acting different. distancing himself from her in an attempt to let her get better sleep. But I think its just going to make her feel bad because she doesn't know why he's seemingly beginning to 'avoid her'... though thats just my take on things xP
August 23rd, 2011
@vyktoryaftw: I know the feeling xP I don't want Kaito to choose Colt but that doesnt mean he should be alone either =(

I just wonder why she killed herself if she was about to get married o.o bride-to-be and suicidal dont normally go together -curiosity- O=
I just found this comic, its pretty good. I'm just confused. Is she purple because she is shiny? nidoran(female) is the blue one o.o purple is male unless shiny, then they reverse... I think I am thinking too much xD
Aw, I just found this comic today and its not online anymore... such a shame. Since i have no idea if I like it or not I don't want to spend the money =( too bad you don't have teaser pages up for new people. Just a thought </3
D= not the suspense!! T^T I wanna see what Colt does -hopingforrape- >w>

btw, amazing comic! ='D you updating so much makes me happy x3