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Why Are You Stalking My Profile... creeeepers

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Really nice illustration.
OMG, WTF? This is too good
Lol, good game choice =P
Lol, good game choice =P
Holey frigan crap. The cutest thing evvva!
Nice drawing and choice of color. Great Job :)
HAHA I LOLed alot here
OMg... He... Hates.... MATH! >:O
He's soo cute ♥
Really good picture. I adore it!
I LOLed alot on this page!
this ones really funny ><
Lol... Lets get it on sexy? :P
He may be trying to hard ... :P
I love his face at the end!
I facebook stalk all the time. Its the best way to find info on people you don't even know...
Nice and funny story
This is a really well done picture. Great job!
I love the last panel =P
The colors are so beautiful... and the characters too ♥
I love your Pictures <3