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Grad student at SCAD in sequential art.
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    Heidi Black
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doop doop
pages a little bigger. Does this read better?
page 8
have a page 8!

In the meantime, my kickstarter, a how-to art book is live!
I left you guys hanging! How rude of me!

Its because I've been putting together my kickstarter for my instructive illustration book! ck/backers

There will be a special promo image sent to people who share/reblog this kickstarter project.

If you need more info on the project, feel free to PM me. I will also have a video live later this week (I hope). The project goes until december 17th, and I am to have the printed copies shipped out in April.

Also, please ask me questions about my art! I am featuring a question and answer section in the book, and if I get asked questions often enough I’ll make them into tutorials as well.

Additionally, if I surpass the $2000, I will add in more sections to the book, and possibly even more backer rewards for everyone!
This is one of my favorite pages, though. It will be featured in the scad graduate show, Ink Jam, at Moon River brewery in Savannah this thursday. More info here:
A day late and a dollar short
but enjoy that extra hour of sleep all of you in the US got.
Which day would you guys prefer I update on? Saturday is going to be most likely, as that's probably the day Ill remember.
layout issues
Hey all, working with a friend of mine to try to get this comic site all beautiful and the like. Sorry for any bugs in the meantime (please tell me if you run into any)
I'll say something soon....
thanks for reading!
This is the most romance you get in this whole story. so enjoy it.
poor toad...
January 19th, 2012
I need to get back to work on this series, I'm about to run out of pages I've completed!
I didn't die . . . . my sister, like an awesome person, keeps bothering me to update. so here's an update.
what is going on
here, but here it is.
while you haven't seen me, I have been trying desperately to find a roommate, having my other roommate move out on me, looking desperately for TWO roommates, having roommates skip out on me, having squirrels move in and poop in our attic, and finally, winding up moving.

Also, I managed to go to new york comic con this weekend, mostly to talk to editors and other creators, and there may soon be good news involved . . .
I'm not dead
Not even sure if anyone reads this . . . but I'm not actually dead. I just had an overtime job for a while, which stole ALL of my time. Plus roommate issues.

Anyway, I'll try to get back to regular updates.
That prince
What a jerk!
A bonus update since I missed one last week