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pixel artist irl hopefully future video game programmer

Use to be known as jayax the hedgehog
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@GokentoPower: your good gokento is actually looking pretty good so far won't be 100% finished on release but pretty damn close

If you want you can just pm me in text any changes youve wanted made and I'll try to sprite em myself before release
@Josephk: Damn must've forgot to comment on this one well done josephk!

Loved your hyper rush and changes to honey so I kinda fused it with her new version
Now she's complete!

As for Zaiku my irl friend who designed him kinda spazzed when he saw your hyper rush the badassery, was astounding lol as for zaiku's punch loops I reworked his punch and kick combos a while ago so it shouldnt be a problem this time around keep up the good work bro!
@Marley_Proctor: and I thank you all for your undying patience doin all I can to ensure its worth it.
@Josephk: was thinking btw and it seems like a monthly thing might work out

Just enough time for me to put stuff together and things work out with wifi for me to at least be capable of a routine for awhile

So if you can't throw things together in time we'll have another update at the end of next month.
update coming at the very very end of january so if you guys are gonna update your sheets at all nows a good time as ill have a longer period of time to put things together
before i have to start bug testing on the 29th
@Marley_Proctor: impressive work so far, It'll be nice to finally see the updated Marley in AB If ever you need a complicated animation for a special move or something along those lines let me know I'd be happy to help! The next update is coming this January with bug fixes and full tag comparability but with this much already he'd most definitely be on the select screen!
So, I felt the following stages were missing something and while the waiting room is a nice stage with a cameo already it could use more people sitting there waiting yk?
same with the train stage.

Need a lil umph in these stages so i'm taking cameo requests, here are the requirements and rules:

1.Must be animated
2.Cannot be a cannon character
3.No association with anyone already playable characters

not all characters will become a cameo but if your lucky they might
become a cameo in a later stage.
Don't worry for now though
i'm thinking i'm gonna need aloooooot of characters atm, the waiting room and street stages are feeling kinda empty
probably gonna keep the general look of the train stage though, I like the empty feel, maybe only two or three characters for that one still lets go guys let me see what you got!
@GokentoPower: ^^^^^
Use imgur tho most other file hosting sites are crap...
Or at least the ones I used

Lookin good tho GP
Would you like me to keep the custom walk anim or since you put work into the new one use this one? Can't wait to see it cc!
Pm me if help is needed
@lazerbeam: Connors coming along nicely! Expect a roster update with him as a finished character by January!
@Dub_L_Eon: let me know if i can help w anything else then!

@WolfryHedgies: @GokentoPower:
My heart goes to you guys T.T truly is a painful process, with Sain in the works now I'm right along with you two..
Still like before if any specific hard to animate techniques are needed if be happy to oblige if I can find time (also wolfry, I should probably send you some of those old poses you wanted help with hehe ^^` if you still need them that is..)
@witswithme: Well if you want :/ if your characters already finished its not needed but if you wanna change anything about your characters current play style go on ahead! ^^


Probably should try to explain my plans before i tell you guys to do things ^^'

The tag hyper code isn't exactly finished, and I've been busy for awhile so I've been a lil inattentive. But basically all tag hyper initiation will go as follows: the P1 character will throw an attack that *Initiates the tag hyper. After the opening attack the partner comes in and the move continues as customized. Not every character combo neeeeds to have a tag hyper, but having a lot doesn't hurt either. Where there isn't a customized move, there will be a small improvised/simple target combo. Customized tag Hypers are simply an author option.

Clarity is very important when it comes to anything related to hyper rushes as you can see on the new sheet. Try to follow that format with any further attempts and your good to go!

Commands are also very limited as Josephk explained, (why we usually use stuff like D,F,p/B,F,B,F,p) as to not make things so complicated they cant be performed.

the command input also isn't necessary anyway as just with in game special assists, tag Hypers will use the taunt button (specifically B+T)

This Isn't too bad though :/ as long as i can understand the general look of the animation the goal in question will have been achieved.

Probably Should've clarified all this sooner but things are still in the works you know?
Sorry guys ^.^' *sigh*.. Damn half assed image sharing -.- Im on it

*Fixed both
Finally got around to releasing this.. Might look intimidating at first, but completing this sheet correctly ensures your character will without a doubt be seamlessly put into the game!

So go nuts guys!

Clean version:
@Ultima527: Will be fixed in the next patch hehe, just an unfinished movelist/timing issue
@Dub_L_Eon: Whoa! Very fluid animation!
Nicely done so far! Can't wait to see more nice to see someone else getting into coding!

Just as josephk said tho hehe takes quite a bit of time but good luck!
Itll be cool to see what you can come up with
@SuperScratchkat: my apologies ssk not yet, you could probably use one of the classic ones temporarily but im hoping ill be able to finish the new template today so keep an eye open