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Hi. ; w ;
I like cheese.

Have a nice day~
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Ignorance. I smell it. Everywhere.
I'll definitely miss those animations, but for the plot to go on- SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE. QAQ
I laughed, SO hard.
I can totally imagine butt groping on this image hur hur hur eue whut
Haaaazzzeelll this looks even better then on your Livestream! *A*
Amg amg amg amg Cant wait to see the fanart! ;A;

//was totally not that pinkness in your ls;u;
Do it! I dare you! I got the EXACT same reaction when I was getting my hair cut.
And under strict circumstances which aren't simply personal opinion, I couldn't get it that short. :(

Soooo. I'm now curly haired Alice Cullen. xD;;;
Haha! Oh goodness! I will pass this on beautifully!
I'm glad my epicly fail french is legit with simple things. :3c
This is going to be a fuuuun section.

Love the series!! <3
Oh my goodness!! xD Aha!
Kaeeee! ;A;
omg cutie, what are you up to?
He's a fatty. lD I just know it.
Uppdaattteee please!! owob
Rude exs, no "crazy" ones. XD
I wish you better luck in the future LCS!
September 18th, 2011
No update? ):
Wow! I REALLY am enjoying this webcomic! Not only did you manage to make a common scenario beautifully original and expressive, but you managed to avoid absent personality changes in the characters and kept them consistent!
Well done and I'm anticipating to read more!
Aww! So cute!
Quite a unrealistic plot though, I hope it'll get better as it advances! dowo
I deeply agree with a-chan's statement.;;;
Don't stop! XD
Ah, so it wasn't rape. Well, I suppose that's good. The situation still seems quiet unsettled though.

I cant wait for more! Please keep up the amazing work! And your art style makes me jizz my pants as well.
Ahahaaha! Oh you! XD
Of course that's why we'd watch these!
These are so funny! XD