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Darth Mongoose
Illustrator from Cumbria England. Enjoys comics, literature, cosplay and rock climbing.
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    Kate Holden
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Okay, so deciding to do an eight panel page when I wasn't feeling very motivated about this comic was a horrible idea. Sorry about the delay.
Oh hey, it's that lass from the first page of the chapter!
Quickly, Rocket! Get in there so we can get on with the plot!
Man I should just make the whole comic about changelings; sparkles are fun!

Wow, could it be I'm actually getting to the interesting part of the plot? 0_0
Whew, I've wanted to get to this part for a long time. I think this should help with motivation a lot. The start of this chapter has been kind of boring, but things start to pick up now. I've been waiting years to introduce Haze!

Not all changelings sparkle, but most fairy changelings do. The sparkles are fluctuations in the dense magic around them. Slightly fang-like teeth, strange eye colours and pupil shapes and pointed ears are also common traits of fairy changelings, but the sparkle is the most obvious tell that it's a fairy you're dealing with. All changelings have white hair.
I assure all readers that Juu and Rocket did look before crossing that road in the first panel.

Question for readers: Are you shipping any two characters at this point in the story?
Gotta hand it to Cyril, he's a pompous git, but he's got guts keeping his mouth shut after threats from somebody with a House Ellis sword. Well, he's either got guts or he's a total idiot.
I love how on this page, Sarin and Rekki grumble about teenagers when they're only twenty themselves.
Happy new year!
Happy 2012 everybody! I hope you all had great holidays!

I'm feeling pretty refreshed from mine actually. I have good vibes about this year! Olympics! Yeah! Our logo and mascots are terrible! Hahaha!

Hmm, has somebody been messing around with demons? The plot...actually might have started moving! This chapter is a lot slower than the previous story arc so far!
I am really enjoying drawing and writing Tsubasa. I don’t often have charming bishounen types in my comics!

Fun fact: When I named Sarin, I had no idea her name was also the name of a deadly nerve gas. I made up a bunch of runes and constructed names out of them for some characters, Elrekia, Subo and Sarin are runic names, meaning ‘ambitious woman’, ‘tall tree’ and ‘sincere child’ respectively.

I think the in-story explanation is that Sarin’s parents wanted to give her a traditional Anglish runic name to make her fit in better (Sarin was born in Anglise, but her parents are from Nippon, which is of course the FDG world’s Japan). Unfortunately they picked a name which a few years later became the name of a deadly gas (sarin gas was developed in the sixties as it was in our universe, this comic takes place in 1975).
Uuugh I am terrible lately at getting these updates done. Sorry -_-;
Okay we're back. Hopefully for the foreseeable future. Things have been kind of crazy lately. Blargh. But...

THE BOOKS ARE HERE! Yeah! They're in the IndieManga shop. Full colour high resolution art of the first three chapters, and I'll even throw in a free pencil sketch of one of the characters with your order! We ship worldwide, so don't worry about the geography.
What's this!? Yeah, I've been busy, hence the lack of updates. But look what we have! It's the Fan Dan Go book!

We'll be on the IndieManga table (which in the MCM program is listed as 'Anna Fitzpatrick'. The book costs £8, BUT it's in FULL COLOUR and over 100 pages, collecting chapters 1, 2 and 3. When I say full colour, I mean FULL. Unlike the web version, the book version has the original uncompressed files and the art is much higher resolution, so everything should look nicer. There are also some extras in there, such as production sketches and the like.

If you buy at Expo, you can get the copy signed and also get it before anybody else (and without having to pay p&p). If you're not in the UK or can't make Expo, fear not! I hope to have the book in the Indiemanga available to buy online within the week after the con.
It finally happened. My comic has turned into Bad Machinery with swords.

Oh yeah, we're currently putting together the Fan Dan Go book. I'll notify you guys when it's ready to buy.
Uhhhh, I can't think of anything to say about this page. We're getting on with the plot now! yay!
This is page 101 of the comic. I forgot to mention last update that it was page 100! Blargh!

I wrote this chapter ages ago, and scarily right as I start on it, we get rioting here in the UK due to disaffected youngsters in cities... I mean, it was already going to be a sort of topical storyarc about British Class-conciousness, but somehow it has become even more topical by coincidence.

I do recognise the fact that the knights in FDG are quite posh. I wanted a chapter that acknowledges this, as well as the lack of ethnic diversity in the main cast (both these things are plot important and reflect real life issues). Don't worry, I won't go too heavy with the politics, this is, in essence an action comedy comic still!
Excuse for update delay: Excessively ambitious cosplay. That is all.

It's always fun to get to draw Juu in expressions other than her default 'smug'. Generally not keen on this page. I was kind if stressed when pencilling it.
Feelings, woah...
Ladies talking about their feelings. This is what is currently happening in my frenetic action packed comic about people with giant swords and magical explosions. Funnily enough these are some of my favourite pages of the comic so far!
We can has comments!
Yes, I'm onto proper updates here after the marathon run of uploading all 97 previous pages last week! That means updates from here on will have alt text and comments!

I’ve been really looking forward to the chance to go a little more in-depth with these characters and their relationships. I guess you could say that I find emotional and character stuff and ridiculous over the top action equally attractive. This storyarc will be a little less ‘action-packed’ but I think the action, when it arrives, will be more intense and focused. Hopefully you guys can all dig that ^_^

Feel free to leave comments and stuff!