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I'm Sofy, well known by that too...xD
Love reading comics that catch my interest, I still love anime, but I'm a sensible lover, not a weeaboo, lol.
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October 21st, 2019
sfkgj Poppy will be the plot twist calling it. a Good bloop bloop
lgksjg give me your talent in making people menacing or intimidating holy shit/
Aamazing job!
wooohoo! Excited for more! Wonder what kind of sweetness is in this one 👀
Even though you've omproved so much it still looks good! ;v;
His expression is killing me. he looks so serious, but on the other hand he looks like he's done done with all this shit.
This made my toes curl! THAT'S SO CUTE ;o;
Awww. your characters are so precious ;w;
Dawww He finally found her!
Jon...listen here u asshole
Ooo I'm excited to hear its longer! Poor Amelia, you're gonna get sick out in that weather D8
lkfsjg see? you good baby girl. Get Antonio already xD
Merry belated Christmas and I hope it was great! Good to see more updates too ;v;
November 19th, 2018
yes you did Amelia Dx
give him a chance, he's adorable!
She's right Emelia!give em a chance!
Yay more! They are adorable and Im' hoping to see more next year!
September 24th, 2018
GFDGFK I'm waitin' for these little snots to get theirs.
Aww don't worry, you can fix this! D8