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I'm Sofy, well known by that too...xD
Love reading comics that catch my interest, I still love anime, but I'm a sensible lover, not a weeaboo, lol.
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kjsg. glad to see more of the story again! Yeah Antonio, go get her! ;D
awww poor Arashi. That reminds me of myself when I'm out all day, when it's really hot haha
Me and Helena share hyperactive traits! xD
I can be like that when I'm comfortable with people!
Cain't wait to see more c:
Oh just do it already! xD
Nice page here! And I'm not surprised it being a cheesecake. That stuff is good /drool
Well done! Come on Camlost whack them in the face xD
Okay! :D
Kick their butt Cam! I don't take kindly to jerks xD
Mm dat cheesecake..
More adorableness. You didn't do the cheesecake part because of your love of cheesecake did you Cammy? xD Haha I'm joking! Reading this page is making me hungry! Well done again! :D
@CAMLOST: Seeing anew page made me so happyyy! I've been wanting to read Camlost's story for the longest time, but we are kinda even since I haven't really wrote mine yet...xD
Aww sad stuff! ;3;
good emotional page though! <3
Bad Cammy no steal!
Yay more Camlost! I can't wait for Fana to come in !>u<
Yay! Yeah it sounds fine, though Instead of can't it would sound a bit better it if she said "I should be happy but I'm not. :3
More more more! >u<
more adorableness! SHY GUYS MAKE BEST CHARACTERS. >u<
lol nosey
Aww! Nothing more adorable than shy boys |D
YAY. I've been waiting so long to see this! ;u;
So mean
Oohhh Amelia's mom...Y U SO MEAN ;A;
I say...
Alright! :D
I was hoping to see more Camlost! I've known the characters so long and now the story continues! :'D
That face
I love the expressions on this page... I wonder why William looks like he's plotting something. that made my day xD