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I'm just gonna drop this useless little piece of apology art trash here. Hope it'll make up for the long break there has been.

Yeah so, hey. Just a friendly reminder that I'm not dead and so isn't this comic. I have just been busy with school and had some personal problems to deal with. I'm going to throw pages out here again as soon as I get the mental strength . I am working on something, but the comic might be getting un-colorered pages for a little while. But hey, as long there will be updates it doesn't matter right? I still love you people. Stay awesome and enjoy this short mini comic with Gin and Clay.
Sorry for the long wait for this update. I've been sort of distracted.

{{On a site note; I'm very proud that someone actually took the time to make fanart for this comic<3 Thank you TheThirteenSpades [<- DeviantART accoun] it was the cutest picture of Cinder and Sprite! She haven't published the picture it seem, though she do make some lovely poems, you guys should check it out sometime.}}

However. I'm working on the next page for the comic already, so hopefully it wont be another 2 months before the next update.
@RandomImpatientPerson: Nah,, he's a fucking perv. But mostly only toward Luke and this chick
What kind of movies have you been watching, Cinder..?
Sorry for the very long waiting time for this page (Which I didn't have time to color either. Sorry.) But I've been busy with school and exams stuff, emotional problems and stuff like that. I'll try to update whenever I get the time.
The ask box has gotten a new link.
@AsianIdiot16: Yeah, I know. I got tired of it and decided to let it magically disappear. I didn't think anyone would notice tho.
@BananaMuffinPop: The glasses dude? No. His name is Clay.
@BananaMuffinPop: Just in case you havn't noticed, then it's Fuel who's threating Gin, not Sprite(Just making sure it's clear, since Sprite and Fuel look so much like each other)
@BananaMuffinPop: Actually Gin calls Sprite for Cola to mock him by the fact his name sound like the soda. Sprite do the same to Gin by sometimes refering to him as Gin tonic.
I'm quite busy these days, so I don't have time to color.
I can't wait to see Matt's reaction when he finds out he's only there for babysitting.
Fuel was mentioned on page 7. He was the one trolling with Cinders present. And as you guys have probably noticed, he's family related to Sprite ((They're cousins.))
Wow. Early update for once. *Proud*
Well, fuck you too then. (Edit: I couldn't help it. Just had to make this)
@Helena Rose: Shipping means that you like the idea of two/or more/ people together. Like I ship Akio and Cinder.
Don't really like this page much. But here ya go.
@Tigrrl: Ahem, Sorry, I forgot. Explaination for the picture; The perfect person for Danny would be Maizeriha(Short = Maize or Maizeri). Danny would be best funtionel with a calm person who would always treat him nice and never yell at him nor hit him (Danny has a trauma about yelling and violence which will show up later in the comic). Maizeriha who is mute and pacifist, forever loyal and caring would therefore satisfy Danny's relation needs.
Sorry about all the non-comic pages I'm posting but it's a reminder that I havn't forgot you guys. I just still havn't gotten Photoshop on my computer yet so I got problems with coloring my comic backgrounds properly.
I think of all people in this comic you could put together, Cinder and Gin would be the most unfaithful to each other. Because both of them wouldn't give a shit about what the other was doing in bed or anything at all. They're both some homophobias so cheating on each other would be their only way of even getting sex.