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Oh gosh
After waiting to catch a glimpse of myself with bated breath... I can only say that it feels way cooler to be called your internet handle via cameo.

Mr. Twist, I enjoy your comic more and more every single day. Especially this day!
I would kill for a bigger-sauced panel 3 I could use as a wallpaper. Possible voting incentive!?

Also, can't ignore the expressions in the last panel. Priceless.
Love Michelle's expression in that last panel! And the third!
I've always dug Sam. A great supporting character that doesn't quite get his due, though we know from the intro that he has to have some sort of lasting relationship with them all.
Easter egg?
I just noticed something. I'm an avid World of Warcraft player, and I'm wondering if a developer happens to be an avid Pictures of You fan!

At one point (during the 3rd expansion's content) you have to go into an abbey and obtain a prayer book from a bishop.

His name? Bishop Street!!

Besides also being a toehead just like him, he is a lot like me; the boundaries and taboos that form between friendships just don't apply to me. I've always given someone that next chance.

And I've also punched assholes in the face!
Most epic alt dialogue ever!

Though you can never go wrong with yelling the names of STDs
omg charmander in the last panel ;_;
Worst. Commercials. Ever.

I do the same thing. No matter where I am, what's on, or who I'm with... those sad animals wrench the soul.
Makes me very interested in the fact that when it all comes full circle, it is Andy and Peter together kicking it off.

I look forward to seeing how their particular stories intertwine.
On a more serious note.. this is why we are all hooked to your story, Mr. Twist. It isn't everyday that people put this much effort into trying to analyze and debate a character from a comic, especially one who has so little time in the limelight as Mulligan. Even something like this, which to me is just an amazing little "beside" that shows just what makes him into who he is, can sink in a whole lot deeper into other people, to the point where they might find it to be in conflict with themselves or what they stand for.

I didn't mean to come off as so much of an asshole earlier (but I will never deny that I am one) so not only do I feel that you deserve credit where it is due (irony much?) but to see comments like these.. once you take a step back and see it all for what it is, you really are crafting a masterpiece.

Long time reader, long time commenter (though it was only with a guest moniker until recently), always hanging on the next frame, eagerly awaiting what's to come. And I think I speak for a lot of people that pages like this go a lot farther than you may realize.
This may or may not have caused me to lash out at your husband about my prized grilled cheese joke.

It is the only joke that I have.

I'm sorry.

I'm also sitting tight, for the time machine. Any minute now...?
If anything, it just shows that I read Rori's comic hopelessly as well.

I also get fussy when I am deprived of malt liquor.
I feel betrayed
I have been using the grilled cheese sandwich joke for EIGHT FUCKING YEARS. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CREDIT?!

You want to be a crybaby about facecult?! WHERE IS MY CREDIT?!

edit: but i love mulligan. so all is forgiven. but still.

She could be the protagonist for all I care! Screw Dragonthing! I wanna see her Butterfree!
You have found the worst way to wrench my heart, Mr. Twist. There have been many times where I've felt like this and actually had my sister there to help me keep my head on straight, and the roles were reversed almost doubly so. I lost her exactly four months ago. I hope we can see more of Patrick and Mel's bond as we go on.
So. Much. Win.