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Absolutely amazing!
Read it, loved it
Simply wonderful, i love that the chemistry between these 2 and i love how amazingly you have captured both of there unique personalities. You truly are a gifted writer.
Oh my god
I love you and your writing. I honestly found myself slightly disappointed when i came to the end of the piece but only because it was over, i could seriously have kept reading all day.

hell yeah its finally gonna happen, loving this comic so hard.
i really loved this short, very easy to get wrapped up in. Love the cuteness in their little exchange afterward though
OMG that last panel!!!! love it
you were right, didnt need to wait very long at all and this is awesome, finding myself nervous and anxious for both of them.
i am so totally loving this comic, absolutely amazing. This page in particular got me although i must admit its a bit of a tease going for the hug but gotta wait to see what happens next. Cant wait :D
February 26th, 2015
there are no words, just wow
February 4th, 2015
I found this to be a particularly funny side story. that gave me a much needed laugh during a particularly stressful week at work.
January 20th, 2015
reading direction
Yeah i have definitely made the mistake emily made but such is the bane of reading multiple comics with some choosing traditional manga reading direction and others using standard western reading direction.

Love the chibi keychain though :)

Also im kinda liking aiken atm, he has come round to the idea and is really making the effort. He gets a thumbs up as a good bro
i can honestly say that this is a comic i could not ever give up on. i love the art and the seriously intense story arc so far.

I love your work and im super excited to see new pages.
well done
I love the fact that you put the message in there, shows you really care.

much love from this reader
September 29th, 2013
Guess im a Djinn, didnt even see this one originally just noticed it when i was looking through the extras
September 25th, 2013
Loving it, glad to know i'm not alone in doing this. but funny story i actually got my nickname through a similar situation.

Was drinking with a few friends and someone new was there and when the time came to be introduced i called myself Ruby (real name is robert). just kinda stuck after that.
September 20th, 2013
I cant believe you show us the box and then not the present, now i have to die from suspense :p

Just kidding, loving all of it.
June 5th, 2013
I gotta say i kinda get the impression its someone rain knows possible past crush or ex-bestie
i am totally with you i hate it when friends just won't let something go, drives me insane.
@WiddleMow: didn't consider that, how awesome would that be. i kinda wanna see gavin and rain get together.
@WiddleMow: think you covered most of the possibilities i think you're right i think the january girl has something to do with Rains transition.

im more interested in the 2 silhouettes in the background though.