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Kiya- Chan
Hey I'm Kiya. I love to write but I can't draw to save my life but I enjoy looking at art and love comics! I also love photography!
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Arrow ^^

Also, you're doing amazing! I just love this story so much!
Kiya- Chan
September 11th, 2018
I'm glad things are *knocks on wood* starting to look up! I'm looking forward to reading the last couple of chapters! I personally understand feeling that the style you've been drawing for forever not quite feeling right; I'm going through the same with my writing style; I look forward to everything and hope you find the writing style that suits you best! Good luck!
Wow! I can't believe that it's over! Man, I've been following since the beginning and I just absolutely loved this story so much! I can't wait for the Epilogue, good luck you guys in your endeavors of the future!
Kiya- Chan
February 3rd, 2018
So excited to see an update! Everyone looks great hehe ^^ good luck with finishing the comic, looking forward to reading it all the way through! :D
I'm so excited to see that you're back! Don't let the naysayers get you down; I know it's hard t do... Good luck with your work and with your passions!
I'm super stoked for this comic! Can't wait for more ^^ Watching as characters develop and go through their lives is wonderful! Keep up the good work!
Kiya- Chan
January 20th, 2018
I am so excited to of found this! I'm following HellEyes and I love that comic so much! I can't wait to read more of what's to come in Scars!
1: Montana
2: Not to be cliche but NaruSasu all the way!
3: Heh Umm... too many actors come to mind XD Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp mainly... maybe Orlando Bloom though *.*
Welcome back! I am so excited to see updates for this amazing comic! Good luck and take your time coming back into it ^^
Kiya- Chan
February 17th, 2017
I have been enjoying this comic very much! I can't wait read the revamped version or whatever comic you post onto Tapastic! I'll follow you there ^^ good luck!
Hm, what Siren says is true in the world now -sigh- but we write our own rules too ^^
Happy 6th Birthday Autophobia! This is so exciting! I have loved this story since I first started reading it and loving how it's progressing! Keep up the hard work!

Ps. Their faces! Love the cocky attitude and attempting to play innocent :D
I've always loved Gun! Him being at a loss for words around the pretty ladies was adorable and now with Siren; who wouldn't be all blushy with her!?
So exciting! I can't wait to see what the reaction is going to be from Artlinne this time! O.O

Thank you for the wonderful update Angel!
So adorable! Kaidou is so sweet >\\<
Lol so cute and easily distracted ^///^
Kiya- Chan
December 29th, 2015
Aki is so excited and indecisive XD so adorable!
Kiya- Chan
December 26th, 2015
Aki knows Ryuta all too well XD

Hope your holiday was a good one :D
@Crimson Chains: Congrats! I don't think I was ever able to do that in school lol I got too bored and stopped trying -shrug- lol