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I ship them so hard!! :D
I've been there rather recently... Over alllllllllllll of spring break... ._. It sucked so hard.... Well I'm glad you're back and I'm excited for the next update! .....I also absolutely love that picture... >.> I'm one of the biggest zombie fans evah :3
Haha, great as always! I always find myself curious of what's going to happen to these two next! ^^

And if you're really up for streaming and want to know when it would be most convenient for me... I would have to say on a Saturday because I have school.. :I just sayin' .. I probably wouldn't have a good chance of catching it on any other days....
Oh my.. I'm so sorry to here about your injury! :c
I really hope you heal up soon and feel better even sooner! ^^ I'm very glad to hear that; even with all the stressful things going on in your life you are still up for updating KaitoShuno. And really, you can take as much time as you need. We all understand you need it.:)
February 17th, 2013
He can help him!? oAo
because I need to turn 15 ^3^ (even if I don't want to)
@ErrePi: *confused by your comment* ...What?
Nice to have you back C:
I've gotta say I've missed your awesome comic :P
lol It looks like Elliot can't process whats going on and his pokerface made me laugh XD
I wish you much luck,you having a TV show sounds awesome and just to let you know if it happens (crossing my fingers for you that it wil) I will watch it if it's on a channel my cable provides! C:
I wanna punch him in the face, I wanna punch him in the face, I WANNA PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!! D'X
Iknew it was gonna hit Bambi but I didn't think it would be in the face!!! :'C
I totally love how you did that in the ball pit like on Big Bang XP
I feel bad for you
I still have a few weeks (like 2ish) before my finals....
and I have to read a book and do a report thingy on it and do a national park report for science -_-"
Luckly I've been really bad at procratinating and actually doing what I'm suposed to do! :D

But anyway, I wish you luck with YOUR final! :P
New page!

And I'm geussing theres n up coming costume change! ^U^
Your somewhat back! I hope you feel better and get caught up in your classes ^^
It's a good I idea and I hope to see more of it :)
I like it :) ....I want to do this but i don't think I could pull it off ^^"
He kinda seems like her dad on this page XD