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SO now I get to make comics about my Bad Roommate!

I believe this was the moment I began to start hating her. We were watching Orange is the New Black. For those who haven't seen it, there is a character named Sophia! She's a transgender woman who is in prison for credit fraud. Her character is played by Lavern Cox! She is also a transgender woman. Now, in the show, we see the character before her transition. The actor who played pre-hormone Sophia happened to be the twin brother of Lavern Cox. This confused my roommates, because they didn't piece together that the actors were suppose to be the same person. I explained to them what was happening and also what transgender means (since they also didn't know what it meant). Everyone understood and accepted my explanation...except Bad Roommate. She used wrong pronouns and was generally disrespectful. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I explained what transgender means again and who Lavern Cox was. Again, she responded by calling Laverne Cox and her character men "pretending" to be women. It got to the point where I started getting super annoyed. I explained again, but it seemed she was just messing with me, smirking and pretending not to understand? I got angry at her when she called her an "it". What I did was aggressively said "no" and didn't speak to her the entire day. (For her sake, I didn't want to rage at her since we would be living together for almost a year). She seemed to be confused by my reaction, but not sorry.
The lesson here is DO NOT CALL PEOPLE "IT"! People are not "it". They are people. I don't care if you don't know someones gender or get confused or whatever bullshit you make up to be an shit. No one is ever an It, ever. IT'S RUDE AND I WILL THINK LESS OF YOU.

P.S. My hair got longer in college. I'll take care of that soon. Also sorry for the sloppy comic! I'm doing other projects, but I wanted to update, so I rushed.
One time in high school, about a few weeks into first coming out to my friends and just starting to be more public at school, my girlfriend at the time wanted me to come with her to a school dance. She thanked me for going (Because I hate dances) and we hugged. THEN WITHOUT SKIPPING A BEAT a teacher came up to us and told us to stop "touching" because of dance policy. Then a pretty big chaperon stood guard near us. At first I thought nothing of it, because the school was pretty ridiculous with their "no touching" policy at dances. However, my girlfriend at the time mentioned that they were being extra harsh with us, because we were gay. At first I didn't believe it, because I couldn't believe a teacher would single us out, until I saw a guy and a girl on top of each other aggressively making out across the room. A chaperon was standing near them and more were walking by them and not one said a word or even asked them to get off each other. Apparently the "dance policy" only applied to us. And this was the first time I experienced discrimination!
A little late, but Happy New Years! I hope you all have an awesome new year.
Real quick update!
I'll try my best to update this comic when I have free time! But till then updates will remain pretty slow. Thank you to those that keep reading and I promise to get back on track as soon as I'm able.
The Nod.
aka: The Acknowledgement of Queerness!
@Jem: They are great pets! 100% would recommend
@Mythee: Oh he's technically not albino! He has super light grey blue marks on his back, and grey little spots on his face but he's mostly white. I used to have a green parakeet named Bambi, but he passed away this year u3u. He was my little bud, but Mr. Milk got depressed after he passed. I'm thinking of getting another bird when I move out to college so he won't be alone when I leave. Thus the cage shopping at the pet store where this comic took place! (My cage isn't very roomy for two birdies)
@Jem: I just have a little parakeet! His name is Mr. Milk (cuz he's all white).
Dad please...
my game is already fragile, dad, you are making it worse.

My dad likes to call me Coochicoos as a nickname! If it wasn't such a cute nickname I would be more embarrassed about it. EXCEPT THIS TIME I was working up the nerves to try and talk to a girl who worked at a pet store I stopped at with my dad. She was cute! But then dad dropped the nickname and I lost my courage. My dad is adorable, but goodness gracious what terrible timing!
Ever since I got my hair cut, I've been getting a lot more attention from men then when I had long hair. Most of the time they're pretty nice and compliment me in a nonthreatening way (harmless flirting). BUT THEN. SOMETIMES I GET REALLY GROSS ONES. So gross that one student in my class has followed me and awkwardly trying to get physically close to me all quarter! THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN IN TERMS OF BOYS GIVING ME AFFECTION! I THOUGHT IT WAS GUNNA STOP, NOT GET WORSE UUUUUGH!
New format and some color!
I've decided to change my comic format and play around with some simple color schemes (Each comic will have a different color scheme depending. I decided not to change my style much).

Lately I've been really dissatisfied with my life. All I've been really doing is going to school, then going to work, then going home to eat and get ready for bed. And when I do have free time, I have no where to go and nothing to do, so I end up on the internet or watching shows until bed. My life is really dull right now and I want to go out and have fun but I don't really have friends to do that with where I live right now. I'm so ready to move out so I can make new friends and actually start to live life and go out! I WANNA GO OUT, YOU GUYS! Unfortunately this has affected my motivation to draw or do much of anything. Hopefully in 5 or so months I'll be able to transfer schools and really start to go out and feel more satisfied with my life. Until them I'll just be doing my work, going to school, and having no social life.
Then I proceeded to sleep and play games all week...
Can't stop, won't stop.
Children… When I was at work a kid started to screech for no reason. My store is small, so I can’t find a spot where there’s no sound, and he screeched for over 20 min nonstop. I started to get so stressed I wanted to claw my face! Why do kids gotta do that?! WHY THEY GOTTA SCREAM LIKE THAT, MAN?! I just can’t deal with it.
I finally cut my hair!
I AM NOW THE ULTIMATE BABE WITH THIS HAIR! I also can't stop touching the back of my head. It feels amazing.

p.s. Sorry for the long hiatus! I was busy with summer classes and then I got sick the first week I got off. SO HERE IS A BABY COMIC! I'll try and upload a bunch before school starts up again.
I once knew a guy who insisted that if I thought sexuality can be fluid, then I can't really be a lesbian and could date men if I really wanted too. He said it in a more confusing way than what I put in the comic, so I tweaked it to what he basically was telling me. I think he was trying to confuse me on my sexuality so I would have an excuse to date him (since he liked me more than a friend and was being a little shit about me being gay).
I just wanna jump in a pool full of queer ladies, but ALL I HAVE ARE PUDDLES THAT I CAN'T FIND!
@fluffylemons12: Hey, hey, hey! That's my cousin you're talkin about! She is just very passionate about boys is all....
So when I was around 10 years old
girls my age were beginning to notice boys. Especially my cousin! She was (and still is) super boy crazy! So when I visited her for a sleepover she wanted to know all about my boy "crush" that I SURELY had in school. When I said I didn't, she refused to believe me and demanded I tell her which boy I liked. She made sure to mention that EVERY GIRL likes boys, so at that point it became the first time I became aware of my sexuality or rather my lack of attraction I had for boys. Thus was my first step into figuring myself out and lying constantly about liking boys to fit in!
P.S. I did draw her a made up boy face (badly). I named him Scott, after the two kids in my class. IT FOOLED HER, SO I WON IN THE END! I WAS SO SNEAKY!
@JJmyster22: No, I'm out now! And dating no one.
And I don't mind questions! I have a tumblr though (the link is on my profile). You can ask them there!
@Rumiel: I don't know any lesbian shows...besides the L Word and that show made me rage too (though I liked it better than Lip Service). WATCH GAME OF THRONES! IF YOU DON'T MIND LOTS OF WHITE BOY WEENIES, IT'S SUPER GOOD!