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jezz meg's geting that glow eye look alot now
wow VR troopers thats so old school it's the days when shows weren't just for kids or adults (MA+ R not counted)
lol he died of burns well looks like that grave wasn't wasted
umm not to be an ass but thank you there are too many yaoi on SJ as it is
no he's pissing oil
November 10th, 2011
ok that comment may be more to the truth then anything else we know about him
yay i knew putting this awsome series in my favorites was a good idea (only just discovered smackjeves)
@MegaTuga: pretty simple actually doors are usually made of hard wood or metal so kicking it down adds shock value that this guy can do it therefore you don't want to fight him up close cuz he will ruin your day
oh hey look at that a good old swat bot
@artificer urza: probably the way your gonna portray our poor maiden next page
*pffff* what the hell redshirts with non generic names who survived an explosion excuse me wile go have my eyes checked
hehe cream you are the distroyer of badass images
excuse me wile i go and play dead space 2 again i need to see the bloody deaths
@SonicRush: nope it's those dam rings
@SonicRush: (continueing)buy one by the end of the month and we will thrown in a free tape recorder so you may rehear the screams of pain again and again
oh dam you did not get knuckles to use the pick up line on tails oh boy this will be bloody
isn't the pally ment to be the meat sheild due to their large amount of defence and aura of pureness that makes monsters want to hit them?
oh wow look at those photos
i think the hand writen words add a sense of out of control but thats just me