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I am an aspiring artist/ comic maker, who loves anything to deal with art or creativity.

I like to do things other than draw comics though, so my comic's artwork might be a bit "rough around the edges". I plan to learn both from praise and mistakes while I am here.
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Well now,
Would you exploit the magic, ignore the magic, or be like the classic potential hero and stupidly jump right in?
I really was not trying to hide it.
Have you noticed how much thicker that guy's eyebrows were compared to Rachel and Emi's? XD
The swirls make me think of cinnamon buns...
It came an hour late! I had a bit of problems with this page.

And I accidentally drew that clock-thing way too big...

That clock-thing is meant to be unreadable.
Tempore Fragmina
Please go see the main page of Tempore Fragmina for its full description and correct pronunciation.

This comic, Tempore Fragmina is a more-action and serious focused magical girl story. With just a tiny flair of 1940s and previous years setting.

The girls are not dumb as bricks and wielding little batons with bells; and the guys are not romantic sissies... What's not to like? :)
It says I'm not authorized...
Please see the main page for the comic description, I don't feel like typing it all here.

It'll have nice artwork, well developed characters, and a decent plot.

Only reason I can think of why this comic gets no love is because it's not a boys loving boys comic...
HAVE we seen her before? :3

Please, if you want to make finding something an excuse, make sure it's not in the area right next to you. It does not make your excuse very convincing.
Sorry this page came AFTER page one and all...
I had... a bit of difficulties.
Those two panels of their fantasies were uncomfortable to draw.

Especially Emilina's...
@Chrosse: The beginning of this comic can be a tad misleading my friend. ;)
Welcome to Your Life...
There's no turning back...
*hint ;)
Why Update is Early
I usually update regularly on Wednesday, but since I got three or two pages done before the next Wednesday, I can upload the next page sooner!
You have nice artwork here!
Many characters...
And this is only the FIRST HALF of them.
Ha... someone I knew used to sneeze like that.
Hallway running
I loved running up and down the hallways of hotels when I was younger. :D
Think About it.
Wouldn't you want a giant clock for a floor?