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F-ck The Rest
idk anymore man
being named sen is cool i guess
i like to draw
like casual drawing but then sometimes i get super serious and assay viable means of criticism for my artwork, like maybe I secretly am envious of my favorite artists on this website and spend several hours a night practicing my artistic skills building up a hella impressive folio of traditional and mixed media works for the average joe to peruse on his laptop with his morning coffee, and maybe even one or two pieces will be there that are just completely mind blowing but lets be honest, i'm truly not so skilled so I'll prob'lly just sit here stewing and read comics until I can be arsed to beget my own and percolate the very core of what makes me an author through what will indeed be a touching and mystical work of somewhat convoluted means of story telling but an altogether interesting first foray into the world of comic making

that'll take a while though
until then i can be found on and off tumblr and dA
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I love the way you draw clothing jesus
it's like an onslaught of adorable bagginess and fangirl-compromising design, like the clothes are so fashionable it makes me wish I lived in your comic world
or at least knew how to draw clothing as well
like, look at these hiphop motherf-ckers with their zip up cold-weather street-wear gear and not one jejune casual outfitting on any given day - no, every single filler page has them lookin super stylin
like damn boyfs you belong on the streets of Tokyo, where bubble tea drinking fashion bloggers can properly appreciate the level of class you decided to clothe yourself with

anyway yeah I'm ramblin'
I love the way you draw/design clothes :~))))) all the characters look dapper as f-ck c:
F-ck The Rest
August 20th, 2011
that's so cute :)))
kuma means bear, right?
F-ck The Rest
August 17th, 2011
@Cannetella: the TVs kinda whack to be honest :(( I'd rather be on my own
I don't hate 'im.
Okay so this comic not only has great characters, but I've gotta say I loved the sneaky subtle coloring of light yellow to orangey to this reddish eeriness. It works :)
eek! I love these characters so much!!
oh my god what
this comic

so fantastic
damn tho
I agree with Shizuka c:
this beautiful artwork ;u;
This comic is so great. ugh
best main characters, really.