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I'mma write some stuff here when I feel like it - can't be bothered to think anything up right now.-_-

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I literally gasped when I saw he was missing his arms. Man oh man Piggie, this webcomic has me way too deep in. I am so incredibly excited for the next couple updates.
@8-bitSilverSnake: Yeah, he got the Boulder Badge - it was the blind (was he blind...?) gym leader from a few chapters back, when he first met George, I think.
I'm a big fan of this comic, and to be honest, I would absolutely love to see it picked back up again.
Just seeing this notice made me really jazzed; it was my favorite comic back when~!
There is a very empty speech bubble in the bottom-left corner of the first panel.
Was something supposed to be in there?
You just know that some part of her hopes Purples ability to do hatless/wandless magic is something she can do too.
Just... one more page of completely-lost-his-mind Wallace... One more. I'm entirely addicted to this side of him, and want more of it. <3
Finn looks pretty badass all covered in bones like that.
Judging by the look on our dear Wallace's face, I'd say a mental breakdown is about occur.
I'm betting this has something to do with a certain magic-less assistant of Wallace's.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that - re-reading what Purple says, my hunch makes zero sense.

I fell in love with this comic, been reading this as much as I could. But then when things started to get really good... I discover that I caught up. Dammit.

Can't wait for more!!
He's depressed, and she's probably feeling guily as all hell.
This is getting good.
My tree topper is a Jack Skellington head. It's the dice-cup from a Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee game.
Fittingly, my (miniature) tree also happens to be black, with orange lights. :D
I have the same problem, dude. Pisses my whole family off. XD
I ran into a shiny zubat once while EV training a scizor.
I'm kinda loving Cid. He's adorable.
If that happened to me, I would probably never get on a train again.
Lydia, you incorperated yourself into the obsession of a poltergiest, of course he's not gonna react well when people try to take you from him!
I have a feeling that several wild assumptions are about to be made. XD
Someone watches Gravity Falls.

I always screw up the name, for some reason, and wind up calling it 'Misery' Falls. I have no idea why.
Cats also purr when stressed.