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I'mma write some stuff here when I feel like it - can't be bothered to think anything up right now.-_-


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Comment on Voting! Sort Of... of Little Zim
SevenOverthree, 19 Apr 2014 05:02 pm
I'm a big fan of this comic, and to be honest, I would absolutely love to see it picked back up again.
Just seeing this notice made me really jazzed; it was my favorite comic back when~!
Comment on Presents and Petunias 2 - Page 3 of Gloomverse
SevenOverthree, 24 Jan 2013 01:55 pm
There is a very empty speech bubble in the bottom-left corner of the first panel.
Was something supposed to be in there?
Comment on Presents and Petunias - Page 24 of Gloomverse
SevenOverthree, 21 Dec 2012 01:47 pm
You just know that some part of her hopes Purples ability to do hatless/wandless magic is something she can do too.
Comment on This Isn't Making Me Go Faster of Kaxen... on STUFF
SevenOverthree, 20 Dec 2012 04:00 pm
For some reason, the knowledge that Kaxen is a teacher makes me giggle.
Comment on Presents and Petunias - Page 21 of Gloomverse
SevenOverthree, 18 Dec 2012 01:38 am
Just... one more page of completely-lost-his-mind Wallace... One more. I'm entirely addicted to this side of him, and want more of it. <3
Comment on Page 27-makeoveerrr of ADVENTURE TIME: a Very Odd Fan Comic
SevenOverthree, 18 Dec 2012 01:31 am
Finn looks pretty badass all covered in bones like that.
Comment on Shock and Awe of Kaxen... on STUFF
SevenOverthree, 16 Dec 2012 03:55 am
Yeah, they're fantastic - up until your older sister decides to go about taking down houseflys with it.
Comment on Never Throw It Away of Kaxen... on STUFF
SevenOverthree, 16 Dec 2012 03:40 am
Ahg, so true. Toy Story made it impossible for me to throw toys away and not feel guilty about it.

And keeping them in boxes, in closets, and on shelves. I've now got fifteen stuffed animals on my bed because I feel really bad keeping them anywhere else.
Comment on Presents and Petunias - Page 20 of Gloomverse
SevenOverthree, 13 Dec 2012 03:38 am
Judging by the look on our dear Wallace's face, I'd say a mental breakdown is about occur.
Comment on Presents and Petunias - Page 19 of Gloomverse
SevenOverthree, 11 Dec 2012 09:16 pm
I'm betting this has something to do with a certain magic-less assistant of Wallace's.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that - re-reading what Purple says, my hunch makes zero sense.

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