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My Hobbies: Swimming, running, drawing, writing, making comics, not going to school, sleeping, eating, tv, and talking.

Currently trying to get some pages of my new comic up but my overcriticalness is preventing me from not being embarrassed by them
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    Damien Blair
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Huh. I wonder if her magic is a "jack of all trades" kind of deal.
@BattleStarX: Oh no. Wallis is a jerk but from anything we've seen he isn't racist or judgmental. He has a magicless assistant and now apparently an inversian bodyguard. I would push the point and argue that he has a hobo living in his house but-- he didn't really react well to him.
Ouch... that's a bad omen
I love the third and last panels. I don't know why, I just find them awesome... yeah... uhm... *backs out*
Hahaha! I love how you can make characters so cute an innocent looking! First with mewtwo and now with Geovanni!(sp?)
I don't kill over Lasagna... I don't plan to kill anyone honest...

.... but when I get a knife in my hands and feel the cold metal press into the palm of my hand... Hehehehehee...

*Blinks* I mean.... Killing is wrong! How dare they!?
Alright, I've just stumbled across this comic about a few hours ago and just finished reading through it and I have got to say....

You took a common idea about traveling to different worlds and twisted it into something unique and entertaining. I love it when I discover a comic like this. :D

Awesome work, comics need two things, a good storyline and recognizable artwork. You've got a great storyline and great artwork... so... yeah...

I'm done with my generic "Person-who-just-discover-your-comic" comment now ^^"



*Smoke bombs away*
During the super bowl I lock myself up in my basement and play video games with my cousin... Good times... *sighs*
She's back! *Gasp*

Of course I already knew this because I went to the future... hehehehe...

I like the butterflies ^^
I must read the rest of this comic! hmm.... *Goes into the future*

Wonderful comic, I love it.
Wow, love the color, its better than I can do...

I can hardly use my drawing tablete, not to mention manga studio is hard to color with xD

Oh and...

"I will eat your soul... with a spork!"
Is that Joey crying on the rooftop or am I misreading the last panel?

Edit: no wait, I'm stupid its Kole on the bed... I don't know how I took the bed as a building, but I realized Joey's hair isn't that spikey.
I'm so glad I will (most likely) never be told this in my life time, I couldn't imagine how I'll react
I knew it! Can't wait to see Joey's reaction! Uh...

*Hides in the corner out of fear for what Joey will do* No, the corner isn't safe enoguh! *flees to Mars*
*Le Gasp*!!!

Oh no! *Rushes off to find mewtwo breakign the fourth wall in the process* Uh.... opps... *steps out of the comic and tapes the forth wall back together* There!

I know where Mewtwo is! He is- *Is suddnely pulled into the shadows*
Love the new avy... and update!

I didn't know Zubat could look so cute!! I would hug it but I"ll end up breaking its back...
You know how many times I wished I could control water!? No fair!!! *sobs*

Wow... wans't expecting that, I used to day dream I was in a similar situation where I went got extremly pissed and beat the **** out of things wiht my water abilities XD

I'm lame...
I have always wondered that... and I hate it when they want you to trade a rare fish and/or insect for an oildrum then get mad when you refuse XD

I have Animal Crossing CF, but I never bothered to get my friend code, I don't know anyone wiht the game also.
THat sounds so wrong... maybe I need ot go to the doctor to get my head checke dout, lately everythign I hear sounds dirty... or my lack of sleep could be contributing... *groans and rubbs eyes*

I am so glad I don't know anyone like that XD
Oh so that is a gentle nudge! Man have I been doing it wrong....