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I have a lot of ideas that kind of come at random times in random order. Otherwise i would already have maybe 2 comics at least started here... but i'm working on it...
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SO... I read your comic all in one go and it is just beautiful and fascinating... And beautiful.
^.^ i always love your characters!
Your art style is lovely. I'm really interested to see where this goes ^.^
April 7th, 2014
You Were Right
The colour difference really is effective in showing dream vs reality :) It's also a nice contrast here
Their faces are just...
March 15th, 2014
Ah so this is the Phel we heard about! But I still want to know what will happen to Renee since the chain broke! (I've also noticed the inking is now blue)
December 13th, 2013
Have I told you I love your art style? If I haven't... I love your art style!
December 1st, 2013
I don't understand... He's a horrible person, but for some odd reason I just can't stop liking him!
October 27th, 2013
>.< the suspense is killing me. I hope she didn't just break something important, like the balance or something.
June 20th, 2013
D: Why would you do that?!
This comic is beautiful! (and Ink is adorable)
;D the best kind of spell!
I really like his character design btw.
@keiiii: I do like June, she's the only one who doesn't seem to have an agenda. I can't pick a favourite scene though XD
I just found and read this from start to finish. It is absolutely brilliant! The story is so well thought out... it's one of the the best I've ever read!
YES!!! Best news i've heard all week XD
April 1st, 2013
@Zhriffixx: Wow, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining. :)
March 29th, 2013
XD I love this!... I'm a little confused about something though, if only one person can go into the well at a time, why is Sam there? Is she stuck or is the time warp thing still in effect?
January 30th, 2013
Lol this comic is awesome... and beautiful pages everywhere, i love the style.
He's too adorable! My heart... can't take it...
December 7th, 2012
Fala... i love you already XD