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Professional artist trying to make a living doing something he enjoys. Writer, painter, sketcher, dreamer.

Often mistaken for a Shounen-ai writer.

Often mistaken for a woman (even though I have a goatee!).

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Juan Macias, an interlude
Because the viewers have been so good in the places I've been uploading this on time (oops, sorry!) Here's an interlude of our newest arrival, Juan Macias the Bongo from Spain.

The artwork is going to change a little after this picture, but I'm not yet sure how, so watch this space.

Next update on Monday 19th October.
I knew there was something I'd forgotten to do with the big website sort out. Well let me bring you all up to speed with some updates so that this place lines up with all the rest.

Updates are now fortnightly, and have been for a bit, I can maintain it much easier than weekly.
Another Monday, another update.
Dogs & Lions
What, you don't know what They say about Dogs and Lions? EVERYBODY knows what They say about Dogs and Lions.
Never, ever count your chickens until they've hatched.
This page really shows just how naive Jack can be, and how well-versed Colt is when it comes to relationships and the failures therin.
Sorry for the delay there everyone, I'm trying to keep on top of a vast wobbly mountain of work and it's much easier said than done. Am hoping to keep on track with the weekly updates and to catch up the dates I didn't update with extra pages.
Film at 9
Attack of the SPACE MONKEYS!

It's a made-up film I want to see.
Uh oh!
Stick with me on this storyline, it's a tricky one to tell quickly. I suspect a few people will jump ship because of this page, but we shall see.

Delayed update caused by Smackjeeves not working for me for most of the day.
You get to learn a little more about the personality of "Randy" Colt Bramwell, everyone's favourite stripper if the e-mails I get are anything to go by.
Pages 1-6 of The Vault should now be visible. I have no idea why they disappeared like that.
A little bit of catch up on this page. In part, this is for those of you that haven't seen the printed version which contains bonus material but also serves as a storyline catch up.

Next update arriving Monday 19th January, all being well.
buh? Is that a good nosebleed or a bad one?
Cheese makes the world go round ;)