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@NightmareNatarii: Ahh it's not really a new style ;-; it's more just like I've been working on the comic for so long my style has just grown a little more in that time. :3 The color choice for these pages only temporary, since they're in the dark and your eyes don't perceive color as well in low light.
I haven't forgotten my SJ fans, just made a decision to keep the NSFW content off the main comic until such a time as it becomes really necessary to story as a whole. :3
Extra pages at tumblr--!
Remember how I was mentioning you should follow Chess' tumblr for extra pages and stuff, including NSFW content? Now would be a good time to head over there, since I just added a special (NSFW!!) mini-comic for Valentine's (and also to continue the last scene). :3

Http:// !!
Hurrayyy another page! :D I couldn't leave that sentence dangling like that, that would be too cruel.
...the question you should be asking is...

...when will I ever update this comic again so you can actually get the other half of that sentence!!


(look it's even Monday)
Whatever I know it's not Monday but I just really want to keep updating this before I go through another long dry spell. ;=;
Whaaaat another page no way. It's okay, it's just a one-panel transition page so >.> It's not really worth waiting a week just for this so you get it as a bonus :3
Work schedule continues to interfere with comic schedule, and after a couple month break from even looking at my tablet, I am feeling ready to go back to work on this. Which is good, because this is a fun chapter and I'm very excited to get around to it. :3 Hi friends.
@Leotes: Oh wow, thank you for this lovely comment-! I am so glad you're enjoying it; I've been doing my best to present it as a story you can read without needing to know the games, without falling into the 'show not tell' trap of giving too much exposition and background. I'm relieved to hear it's working-! And THANK YOU for the comment about the chess move themes-! It actually started by accident, haha, I was looking up a thesaurus word and 'Zugzwang' was the word of the day. It lead me to look up other chess terms and they all were just SO PERFECT. I'm glad you're enjoying them! Thanks for your wonderful support. <3
Kotov Syndrome- when a player does not find a good plan after thinking long and hard on a position. The player, under time pressure, then suddenly decides to make a move, often a terrible one which was not analysed properly.
CH. 3 - END
That's it, that's the last page for Chapter 3-! I've finally got a break in my work hours to allow for more comic time, so I hope you're looking forward to Chapter 4-- I think you're going to like it. >.>
WHARGLEBLARGHLR I love you for this ;-; Well worth the wait, it definitely puts Ch.1 events more into context with plenty of Show Not Tell. And Raz. Being Raz. <3
Oh my god I never thought I was going to be able to get this page done, I can't believe it's been so -long.- So sorry for the unplanned absence-- I had some life difficulties to overcome (an unexpected moving crisis and taking on double shifts at work, namely). But I am not abandoning the comic, just finding it harder to squeeze work on it into the rest of my day.

But we're almost to the end of the chapter, and I think you're going to like the next one >.>.
YAYYY so happy you updated, oh my how I love your beautiful style. The paneling choices on this page work very well, though I'm glad you mentioned it was a flashback or I would have had a little trouble discerning that just from this page alone. Not sure how to suggest any way to make it clearer with your pencilwork style-- I understand the way you've tried to indicate it and it was easy to see once you had made a note of it that it was a flashback. :3
Despite many delays, still plugging along on finishing this chapter. We're almost there--!

Er, the first panel's dialogue makes more sense when you read the previous page, as these were meant to go up together but got a little spaced out update-wise.
-screaming- YOU SNEAK UPDATED-! YAYYYYYY. Also did you know that SJ lists Grayscale as a similar comic on Chess' page? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME? XD
Phew, these pages are taking longer than I thought with work getting in the way, but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging for too long, so here is one at least. Sorry for the little bit of verbal cliffhanger, but I don't like leaving it unupdated for so long. x.x

You can follow 'Chess's tumblr for wips (and plenty of other related stuff) of the next few pages-! Find the link on the menu up there -points to top of page-.
@AJL9324: This is the comic-time 'present'-- in relation to the game source material timeline, 'Chess' takes place 3 years after the end of Suikoden III.
This page was an awful lot of work and waiting for one little blurb of dialogue. >.>
For those wondering, because the black-haired guy hasn't been formally introduced in the comic, his name is Klaus Windamier. He's been the Dunan Republic's military strategist since the Republic was formed, and maintains a position as the President's adviser.
A tiny blip of background information from his appearance in the backstory timeline:

'Chess' has a tumblr-! For WIPs, background information, character sketches, mini-comics, NSFW art, and stuff related to the world of 'Chess'-- :3