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I play games and take nothing seriously. I am generally a terrible person.
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It was me. I called Blake's name.

Naaaa, I'm betting it was either the VEEERYYYY FIRST GIRL with the fluffy hair or blythe. Maybe... maybe. :I
My computers been dead for over a month now, but I just got a new one and everything sucks except realizing how much I got to read/catch up with on your comic. <3

I just, ;m; I love everything
aa I missed your comic updates (I miss you too but that's partly my fault since I'm so anti-social huhu)

Sasha and Ruthie are my favorite, and I'm pretty sure Janey and I are sharing a brain right now.
Jumping on the Ruthie and Sasha train.
Although Blake and Janey would be awesome as well. I feel like this comic could use some happy Blake and Janey right about now, although I'd just want them to be happy, not steamy romantic. haha

I am far happier than I should be about realization.
baawwww? Did you Sasha? DID YOU?

I love these two man. I just want everyone to happy. Everyone but Blythe. UwU
This update made me really happy. ;w;
BLYTHE WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. Blake, you better be mad at her because ughhh I don't care if it looks good if someone did this to me I'd be super pissed.

BUTTT, happy birthday~!
Annndd the chorus
I will go down with this ship~

No no, seriously though. You know I love these two. ;m; Hope you feel better, man! <3 These pages, like usual, are great! Can't wait till the next update!
Ugh... I was hoping Sasha would say something. Seriously, Blythe, that's a real bitchy thing to do, especially when you haven't really given them a chance.

I feel so hard for Sasha and Ruthie. Can they just be best friends and start their own club?
Why did they leave them there... :C /cry
Sasha, I want to be your friend so bad. :C
HEY MAN, sorry I haven't commented in a super long while, but moving back to GA and other things have kept me away. Also just me being me and being a butt.

Anyway, I've been reading all your updates and I adore each one! You've no idea how much this comic makes me smile and I just wanted you to know that I'm still totally 100% into your work <3
I still don't think Blake is that much of a jerk. It's okay Blake, I totally get you, but I get Ruthie too. So I just feel sorry for both of you.
haha I read "black out" as "Blake out". /best
whoa really? He's 13? I thought he was like 16-18 or something.
I adore her face in the last panel. So cute and amazing.
I think it's at this point that I would say screw Blake.

I wouldn't have minded that he slept with me just to sleep with me, well I would have minded but it's something I could've gotten over.

But running away rather than just talking about it? Way to be a loser, Blake.

I don't approve of these actions, but I understand them. AndI'dProbablyDoTheSameThingHadITheChance.
I knew this was going to happen, damnit Blake. Stop being you.