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i luv everyone and everything to do with romancing<3
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You go girl!

I'm glad to see the webcomic is coming back to life, I still think you had one of the best stories overall. :D
@Previous_Guest: Wouldn't that just be doing the bike shop owner a favor? why would he possibly buy all of those bikes with no means to transport them all and make the guy rich in the process? It only seems fair that Atty steals a bike or two instead or just burns down the entire shop. (lets not forget hes encouraged to cause havoc due to his current line of work. xD But frankly He seems like the type of guy who would bring destruction where he goes, but not intentionally of course, its just his discarded cigaret unintentionally causes a fire but its very likely that it can be traced back to him, seeing as hes like the only pokemon trainer around with that specific brand of smokes. Haha.
The "Glove Compartment"?
RUN!! its a bunch of tentacles clinging to a dead body, you have a better chance burning that thing rather then firing a single shot in the manipulated bodies dome.
Just to be blunt, the sword "Hilt" isn't broken, it probably just shoots out a deadly laser beam like a light saber xD
I think Caldwell is letting his guard down too easily because hes vulnerable without his ring on him and his staff not completed. I am starting to wonder if the dungeonkin girl has already entered the team into the tournament in the pursuit of riches?
I think I'm really going to enjoy this change in the story. :D
@Guest: That's Just silly, I expect a once thought dead Time Wizard from long before the city was constructed has played a hand in everything that is going on here. Using his crystal ball to predict the place of the "Dungeon killer" and show small glimpses in the beginning and attempt to change the future. (its possible its Bram's evil sibling, but that's just a hunch). An then there is the Dungeon Killer, who I think is either Grey from the future, after drinking Caldwell's 5 grand alchemy potions having achieved his dream creates the too perfect potions that fill Grey with unrelenting magic essence that soon brings him to lose his mind.
The earth mage knows when he is facing a punk.
Relax people! its Caldwells first time walking through a portal, hes just shocked how amazing magic can be and stopped in place, it just so happens that the girl walked in after him and they bumped into eachother. Nothing funny is going on and even in fantasy comics theres no way this girl is flirting with him especially if she doesnt know about his powerful history with the ring.
Maybe Trix`s team is like the pokemon series Jessie and James duo, except this was their final task or something and if they failed to return with something worth while then Giovanni would have them killed since they are of no use. Perhaps thats why Estelle told them to stay their. xD
@moonjellybeans: I'm liking Bethany's new look, its altered just enough to give her a bit more of a feminine appeal.
cutting the limb off doesn't work? wouldn't that stop the infection altogether?

I just simply cannot accept this fact.
@jonasfx: I would think that if they are getting rid of the Alchemy class then a bard class is likely already gone too. xD
@Pandangaroo: Looks more like a trophy display to me with tiny rocks surrounding it. But I can see how you would think its a spaceship.
If it was me, I'd throw that tiny Geodude at the horde of Clefairys and watch the first explode as it ignites all the others. xD

It's just too bad they wont have time to re-take the giant moonstone, because once they explode that cave will collapse burying everything inside.
It cant be used for good if team rocket wants that stone..
They are so adorable <3
@Hekset: I wont hold my breathe on it, but I'll be cheering them on in hopes that they do! C:
@Rakewn: That's very true and well spoken, but I still think its a plus. x3