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Focusing on the fandoms, artistic sides, creative posts and highly attractive fictional characters that will never know I exist. Homosexual activity, and fangirling like a raging lunatic. Just a heads up in that division.
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Everything is beautiful~! I'm so glad I came to check on this again. It's really starting to kick-roll into the plot and other details I was curious about. Thanks for updating! Lovelovelovelove. <33
Oh my..

This cover is simply gorgeous!
Thanks for it<3
I wonder what's going to happen next... (cliche thoughts tingling) which the classic is always nice.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

Make a character tab and a list with a bit of information with each character? I always see these in almost every comic I've read on this website and it would be nice to see one with yours. Again just a suggestion; not a necessity.

Thanks for updating.
Really beautiful art.
Old enough for everything and yet we do nothing XD...


I wonder what Klaus is planning on doing from here out since he did return. (Well of course he would pfft) xD
I'm also curious to what Mitch will do too. Ah, the curiosity burns. Dx
Oh fail so. Now I'm interested in what will happen next... SEEING HOW YOU KNOCKED THE SHIT OUT OF ALEX YOU IDIOT.

I loove this page too. Hell I'll looove anything you draw XD. I really like the "No attacks from the left, alright?"
So hot. Naggh. XD
I love this comic. It's beautiful! I hope you'll continue when you have time. <3
Can't wait for the next update.
Sadface is sad. D: He looks so cute when he frowns.... or anything else he does xD...
Also I totally want the full background story on both of them eventually. ;^;
I await your next update. <3
I want Alex's shirt D:...
But LOL their so close... like behind HIM close. I loled. :D Sam's face is priceless.
Your welcome!
And geez... it's like Mitch expected him to run off after they did it. D: Either he's oblivious or just doesn't care. I'm not sure which one. Or he's trying to sound not concerned... I don't know, Mitch is kind of a mystery to me. e_e
And Klaus randomly popping up with "Hallo" made me laugh. Maybe Mitch will yell at him soon enough for disappearing out of no where. <_<
Or the dog will have something to do with his punishment.
And you're turning 18? Congrats, although you don't feel much different with a new year. I turned 18 a while back in July. I'm old enough to vote but too damn young to drink. LOL. [not that I like drinking, just like saying that]
Anyway... enough of my rambling D;
I'll be watching for your next update. c:
Looove this page. So adorable. 8D
Sam's plans are terrible...
-points above- reallyyy xD
Jealous face is jealousss xD
I have to see where this is going...
Thanks for the update :D
I love how you draw eyes. So pretty... xD And so easily forgiven... he totally has the hots for him. Can't wait to see what's next. ^^
Alex... xD
God Alex is such a weirdo. I feel bad for Sunny being subject to his torture. XD
But thank you for giving me a comic I can totally enjoy during the week. \o/ I looking forward to the next update! By the way... I'm a totally knock-over for Sunny. I looove him. xD
Yes like stalking them will help at all. xD
Thanks for updating. Looove this comic and the style. Totally give me something to look forward to during the week. \o
I'm totally in love with this comic. It's so shiny and beautiful... and so well drawn. I truly love it and curious to know where the plot will lead us. Although his reflexes are like sharp... that would scare the shit out of me. xD!

Also like to thank you because you totally are giving me something to look forward to during the week. Nothing like a good comic to get the brain juice flowing... okay that was the worst example I've used yet. ANYWAYS... I await your next update.
Oooh. :D
Well, I just signed up with Jacks... But I've been following this for a while. But I shall shower my love for this comic right now. -fangirl screams in the background- there... now that's done. I can't wait to see what Klaus has just his sleeve for the demon contract. And Mitch... although I wonder if Mitch is all like "Where the fuck did Klaus go?" xD! I'm totally waiting for the new update... thank you for giving me something to look forward during the week. @_@