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Hobo freelancer working towards a college degree to put food on the table for her non-existent husband and 37 pretend children.
Page 14
I struggled drawing his dang hat, and it shows.
This page still has my favorite set of facial expressions
I have returned! (sort of)
Hey everyone!
It's been a little over three years but I have returned for a brief period of time! So if you'd like to get caught up on everything that's been going on, please refer to the latest news post!

That said, let's continue this super old chapter where we left off, yes!
The official website for The Shufflers is up and rolling! This means all future updates will be posted there exclusively! Sadly, this also means updates will come to a halt here, but if you have a Tumblr account you can still follow up on announcements and news on the comic here;

Thank you all so much for your amazing feedback and following along with this series. You guys are super awesome and I hope you will continue to read it despite no longer back on the Smackjeeves.

Also a very massive thank you goes out to Hiveworks for giving The Shuffler's it's new home and making all this good stuff possible. So with that said, come check out the good stuff!
Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of updates the past couple weeks. Here's a double update to remedy the lost time.

Before I crawl back in to my hole, there's a few things I'd like to share;

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of the people reading this comic and putting in time to leave comments and feedback. I appreciate it all!

Secondly, If you enjoy the art of The Shufflers, I am currently running bust sketch commissions through my Tumblr as a means to raise money towards moving out. You can view the details here: -move-out-of

As always, thank you for following along and I'll see you next week!
Ms. Dutchkiss sure loves writing about people.
It's totally a healthy hobby. Really.

This concludes the first part of the Teagirl episode! Next week there will be no update due to dealing with personal matters and school, but we'll get back to the next half on March 30th. See you then!
In which Märchen becomes The Hulk and Hiddenite remains indifferent.
We are back! Sorry for the delay folks. I had to take care of some personal family matters last week. Go check out the main comic site for some exclusive stuff and gift art if you haven't done so!:
So much has been revealed within the span of a couple pages. One man's unique sleeping preferences is met with another.

For the record (and I don't want to spoil too much here), yes Märchen DOES wear women's lingerie quite a bit. This will not be the last that we see of his loud collection of Victoria's Secrets either.
Sorry for the late posting! I've been preparing some things regarding this comic series. Very exciting things! Well get your excite bikes revved up, because The Shufflers is joining The Hive Works as an affiliate! Within the matter of a few weeks, some great changes will follow; including migration to it's own website.

So until preparations are complete, I will still be updating this page and the Tumblr site. Thank you all for supporting the comic so far! Stay tuned for more news in the near future.
Morning everybody! Hope New Years treated you well. Today's update is the cover art for the new episode of Shufflers! This story will include a new character, more exposure of the world, and some...*saucy* surprises.

I hope you'll enjoy! See y'all next Monday!
+Copied from Tumblr Site+----------------------
Hey everybody! Sorry I’m running late with updates again. This sure has been an insane month with holidays, my birthday, and just personal madness all around. But I did it, and with 19 minutes to spare!

So before we get started into the brand new episode, we’re having a small recap bit where our two gents will help get you up to speed and even explain some bits that may have appeared confusing to current and new readers. I will be updating the last two pages within the week to get ‘er out of the way in time for the new story. Until then, please enjoy!

Also with that said, WOW! I am amazed at how much reception this comic has gotten within a matter of a week. Thank you all for taking the time to check the comic out and throwing in your comments.

If you really like the comic, I highly urge you to follow along at the comic's main hub; This account only serves as a mirror, plus there are extra comics on the main page you won't find here! If you have a Tumblr account, follow along! Your support is super appreciated!