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I rarely comment but baby I loooove this comic and it's getting so interesting AAAAH! Keep up the good work darling :'3
(Unf twins)
Omg. I read this right before getting ready to leave for school and it made me smile so big I started tearing up. (I've been creeping quietly on this comic for far too long, so I thought it was finally time to post cuz this comic is beautiful and I always get really excited when I see an update) <3
I need Aiden and Damian together like air. They are too adorable
Aaaah! Yes Damian!
Tom Hiddleston is amazing X''D
I want a Loki puppet too...
Haha, it's ok that it's late XD
I saw the Avengers last night though! ♥o♥ dear sweet baby banana it was so good. I would go on a rant about it (in a good way) but I don't want this post to be an entire paragraph long XP
Awww, Shuno D'':
Wow, first comment...never done that before o_o I feel special...
Go Damian GO!! :D
Baby Shuno aaaaah<3 :'D
I did an audible gasp at the last panel.XD I'm such a loser.
Nooo, Damian needs his hair! Damian, go go go!
I love Muse :D
And I love the blue reflected from the water on their faces *rolls around*
I'm so glad you decided to update regularly again :''3 your comic is one of my favourites!
Yay comment virginity!
Aww Aiden you damn right do believe it and you know it XD
Yaaay! I missed you! :D
Love it :3
"Did he pull those out of his ass?"
I just burst out laughing at that XD probably scared my sister...
An Ipod? Awesome :D And yes! My family bought me and my 3 other siblings a PS3 :D
And then I got some giftcards for amazon to save up for a tablet, and I also got a Very Potter Musical t-shirt :) Ever seen AVPM?
Omg ♥ _ ♥ this is beautiful!
Happy Holidays :D did you get anything cool for Christmas Kumi?
Ahahahah, I absolutely LOVE the realization on his face. Angel, I don't know if you've even noticed me on any of your comics before but...its positively amazing, your comic is one of my favorites its so freaking adorable.♥ Thank you so much for creating this comic:'')
I love how you drew Merce in the third panel :D
Awweh, he's so scared, it's adorable :''3
Awwwweh, he's so cute
More pages more pages!! >:o
Woo! Go Shuno!