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Somehow this makes me happy.

(I just discovered your comics, first "One on One" and now this one and I have to say I love your art style! Those eyes are incredibly lovely +__+)
Keep up the good work!

xoxo <3
August 25th, 2013
Well well... I doubt you'll get anywhere with that attitude, mister.
LOVE!!! Dx ♥♥
They are so cute...
Shuno, dare you!
Don't break your promise or....

Can't wait for the next chapter!

...Said enough.
Chris is so cute!!! ♥♥♥
I'm soooo much in love with his HAIR!
I love these two <3
AaaaaaAAAAAW >//<

You can say what you want but Kaito looks DARN SEXY on this page!

..Okay, Kaito IS sexy so whatever xD

I love those girls, they're so cute!

And Kaito and Shuno look so cute! Love their clothes ♥♥

Cute little Atsushi-kun..
still thinking HE would be the seme here. é_e°
Ow boy..
But you will like it, hrhrhr!
.. He WILL like it right? Dx
Please don't let this ruinnnn the friendshiiiip !
Oh my fucking gawd!! >///<


Edit:: Comment virginity! Ò___Ó! HELL YEAH!
Is that his "true self" in the reflection?! *_*
Can't wait to see more of it!
Omigawd, little boy becoming big boy and such a hawty. HRRR.

And the cat looks exactly the same after ten years. MYSTERIOUS!
I feel my hawtie-senses tingling e_e
I like long hair. xD

EDIT:: The cat is so cute! You really can draw beautifully ♥
OH MY GAWD dat first panel looks so damn cute ><
I wanna hug him!
@FluffyRhino: I'm DEFINITELY hearing them too +___+

I'm so proud of them! Finally they talk about their feelings..! It took to long but finally they do!
I'm so relieved but then again it's a pity that Kaito didn't let Shuno kiss him. >3>
Feels a bit like strategy for a child or a pet. But Shuno's mature words.. huh... did I already say FINALLY? xD

It's 6 in the morning here - *cough* YES, KaitoShuno is the first thing I check in the morning *cough* - and I can go to school now happily. <3

Omg it TOTALLY looks like the room of a friend of mine. xD'

I love you Angel. <3
@Tristripe: I AGAIN totally agree with your points and it's kinda funny, I was listening to "cracks" from this super cute video for KaitoShuno and when she sung "and the cracks begin to show" I just read "In the end there are crack and rifs.." xD
Just wanted to say that.

So now.
Like I said you are completely right. They are both emotionally so insecure and hurt because of their past that it's not very easy to talk so openly about everything. And I find it good that Kaito - though we all wish for it - isn't completely ready to say that he loves him, maybe isn't even sure about his feelings, partly thanks to his dad you can tell.
But exactly THAT is what makes Kaito and Shuno so... real. That Angel doesn't do everything to satisfy us but so that it's realistic for human beings that they "are" with a past like they have.

And I hope we get to know more points soon like.. you remember, this.. line of shining points whenever something of their past is told? I'm really looking forward to it. And to the "neko-eyed boy" <3

and @LoliT: I totally agree with you too in that point. Shuno made mistakes and needs to learn, to grow but Kaito also did things that were hurting Shunos feelings pretty much and it would be good if he told him he's sorry. It would definitely help Shuno.

EDIT: I just hope Kaito will stay the uke in this, I love them and I love it when they love each other.. eherm~ but I still love it the most when Shuno is seme.. for ME Shuno IS seme.