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A greeting by our two main chara. :D
OH GUYS! Hahahahahaha T.T
Belated happy halloween. So I forgot to actually post it here and then out of nowhere I remembered this thing and then I had an idea to post it here even though its obviously late ^^;
Srsly, I can't make a real update coz of school.
Yays for the late cover~
Bye Bye Frequent Updating.
Maybe I'll be in hiatus
Clinic is empty today. Wonder why...
Shout all you can Cleona. Lee won't ever put you down. Muahahaha
Getting interesting?
October 28th, 2011
@Ricardioeatingsometacos: i second to that owo hahah
trolololol.. I like his attitude =P
"stop looking at my half naked bride you perv"
Yeah.. the girl that Cleona saved is actually Lee's crush.
Cleona ran but then she heard someone scream and saw the girl at her back. She act immediately to save the girl from hurting. Fast flexes right? teehee
Aww.. now she's the one who's hurt
Side Comment
Read left to right
Here comes another protagonist. Everyone, meet Cleona, the bully
Little flashback before his rambling
aww.. poor Lee
yay~ looking forward for the next updates :)
Times when you almost melt whenever he stares at you; whenever he talks to you.
Times when you won't survive a day without seeing his smile.
Those times, dear. Those times.
"I am craving for your existence."
Remember the time when you first met him? Or maybe the time when you first felt the butterflies in your stomach?

The first time you felt your heart skip a beat for him, you already know it is the beginning of something. The beginning of another wild and confusing experience.

Or maybe, the beginning of Happiness...

and Sorrow