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Yay! I knew she would turn it helpful, and not some man stealing bitch :3
That s'not okay!
HA! Hope you liked my pun c: Feel better soon! Oh, I wanna pet da bunnie!
December 26th, 2011
No, just let her be a friend, or maybe a lesbian! HA! That way she ain't gunna take Kaito-kun from Shuno. Or, once she finds out that he is gay, it'll all be better. Kaito needs to realize that he IS gay :)
Excuse me...
@Red: I'm sorry I havn't heard of any other country/state that have said that. It was a simple question, okay? No need to get so defensive.
Oh Holy :3
Do you happen to be from the south, and or Texas by any chance? I'm not creeping on you or anything, I've just noticed that you say "y'all" a lot. I just don't want to feel alone on the internet, I've been made fun of because of my Texas slang... Damn it... Oh well, if I ain't right about you bein from the south, sorry to bug ya! It's just sumthing I'd been wondering for a while :)
Ass! Sexy ass to be a matter of fact ;D
She ain't the only one ;D
I love them~ Oh, and still sex hair XD
Sorta disagree >3
I'm a person who thinks sex is love, and should be done with someone you actually do love and not just for the pleasure. I know, PRUDE! Lol :D But I'm not, it's just my opinion
Is it wrong for me to be strangely attracted to Atty? >///<
He's just so... NOMNESS!!!
Stealing a kiss in the back of a dark car with music playing isn't as hard as you would think ^///^ But, if it's a Shuno-kun kiss, I'd be moanin my head off :D

September 30th, 2011
You Make Me Laugh
@Whatevs: Wow... I hope you know I'm just giggling right now at you hipocritical post :) You claim this comic is horrible, yet you /still/ come back. Can someone get me a glass of water? My throat hurts from all the laughing! Oh and "Whatevs", you're a bitch. Hope you know that! Do you like critizing people on their artwork? I bet you can't do any better. Sometimes, ts better to keep your big mouth shut instead of hurting peoples feelings. See the "x" in the top right corner? Click it :) That'll solve all y'all's problems. I ain't gunna argue no more, your not worth it. I'm just standing up for what I like, this is America right, even though it's ruled by a African. I hope he hasn't taken away the freedom of speech amendment. But then, I sound like a hypocrite, don't I? Saying that you can't call this comic shitty. Go ahead, but know that all them people out there are gunna put for on their hate list :)
September 30th, 2011
Fuck Yourself~
@Whatevs: There is nothing shitty about this comic, and if you think so, you have absolutely no taste. And if it's so "shitty" why do you keep coming back and checking? If you didn't come back and heck for updates, how would you know that your post was replied to? I absolutely love this comic, I think the art is fantastic. I could never to better then that. The story is amazing to. If the definition of "shitty" is amazingly sexy, awesome, funny, and the best, then yes I agree with you. It is absolutely, positively shitty :)
Shuunnnnoooo!!! Stealing and killing is bad! No sir!
@Panacea: Exactally what I think :D Cuz that was Amelia in the last panel, the Katio lookin person had earrings, Katio doesn't. TWINS!
Yea Katio :3 Release your inner gayness
Aweh!! Dats so sweet :3
Aweh ; __ ; poor Shuno-bear :( Katio can go die in a hole right now for hurting him!! -evil laugh followed by a twitch-
Heh he's pretty sexy for an evil guy -w-
I was reading this page, and bursted out laughing. My mom gave me a look like she thought I was crazy. I was literally rolling on the ground laughing.