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Oh no fix the lighting its looks to red
Wyatt drawing
This is a little suprise drawing of Elekid and Wyatt done my me. Please tell me everything you think of this drawing with your comments. Also please don't forget to favorite and rate!!

Enjoy (:
Aw poor toads. ):
Page 13
Hey guys. I really tried to make this battle look as good as possible so hopefully you like it. And yes we finally get to see Wyatt battle. He isn't to bad, right? Well tell me everything you think of this page by commenting,rating,favoriting,and also please enjoy!
Page 12
And so we are about to see how good of a trainer Wyatt is! Please comment,favorite,rate,and enjoy!!
Why don't you try and very the size of your panels like in my comic or like in pokemon relic of time? If you do I think it will look a lot better.
And it begins
So it's just a chapter page for today. Please tell me what you guys think. And also if you could favorite,comment,and enjoy that would be great! (:
@Reidy: I'm glad you do (:
Page 11
Hey guys. So we find out Wyatt's new pokemon is Elekid. Unfortunately no one guessed right on the last page... Anyways so Wyatt's mom is in a little trouble. Can Wyatt safely deliver Alana to the Garden of Adamas and save his mom? Find out by keep reading. Please comment,favorite,and enjoy!
Awesome you are back!!
Page 10
Hey guys. I tried to make my panels more neat so tell me what you think. Anyways what pokemon does Wyatt have now? Find out next time. Please comment,rate,FAVORITE,and enjoy!!
Hey guys. This is just a little practice for my pokemon comic. I hope you guys like it. Please tell me what you think!
Page 9
Hey guys. As you can tell I'm trying new panels. What do you think of them? Anyways please comment,rate,favorite,and ENJOY!! (:
Page 8
So Alana lost... How are they going to get Wyatt's mom back now? Find out next time! Now Please comment,rate,favorite,and enjoy!
@mzpblue: Shh... Don't tell anyone (;
@Risky2k: Thanks man. (:
Page 7
And so the battle begins! Please tell me everything you think of this page with comments,rate, and favorite. Now please enjoy!
Page 6
And so we find out Alana has a pokemon. Will it be enough to defeat the bad guy? Can they save Wyatt's mom. Find out on page 7. Please comment,rate,favorite,and enjoy!!
@Petah-Petah: Yeah Wyatt isn't to hard to convince lol