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i like to draw, i like to write, maybe i should make a web comic too...? I'd die of embarrassment. Sorry, but i'm not confident enough to do that yet, but it i ever get the strength please support me by reading it. *blush*
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Oh My God if it's Binda
She is already kinda crazy, i mean she did kidnap that one guy and try to kiss luffy. I think this might really mess her up.
September 25th, 2013
If your a biologist, an avocado is actually a berry, but for us normal people who don't care to much about absolute definitions, it doesn't matter as long as we got guacamole.
Got Minions
@Ceiye: Harold with no hat is fine,
he should get up turn round and it hops into his hand, why, lemonheads.
If cake girl has cake minions, i'm getting hobo
@Shadow Master: No way, Cake girl didn't even seem to realize who Harold was, she might not even know he's related to Wallis. Harold wasn't in her story after all.
now i finally realize why everyone was referring to when i first started reading. when you hear post like Wallice has always been crazy on the same page that he first appears, i looked everywhere for this supposed prequel
Betrayal i'm calling it
But before that, i bet he's gonna really tick them off.
which begs the question
did Luffinpuff always look like that or is he keeping up appearances.
I'm first, Oh yes! *victory dance*
@baldeman9999: Rat has a bandage over its ear and also hasn't had a health potion. added, i don't think they use, you can survive anything with enough HP logic here.
If it looks like it can kill you, your screwed.
@Tsumeken: tell that to Brock's Onix from the first episode, I actually hope Atty at least is banking on that kind of miracle instead of just sacrificing rat.

P.S. if George is holding rat, will she get hit too... please?
Last thought
@mailboxeater: until your crushed to death and distributed throughout the body as nutrient.
Atticus WILL be the next Pokemon master
@Jolt99: he has taught his Pokemon to battle without him, as far as i'm concerned the only trainer who could possibly surpass him is someone who has taught their Pokemon five moves.
I mean, how much more mastering can you do after that.
I love this comic =3
going with the whole one color people thing, PLEASE tell me Prof. Purple isn't related to this fruitcake. For all that is right in this messed up Gloomverse, please say it ain't so.
aaaaannnd, swap-out, Pikachu get out here, DT needs some down-time, if ash could do it, so can atty

... pikapi - please don't die
your suppose to use the non breakable end. actually, did she even check if it could open.
*Sudden realizations*
I'm sorts glad the game doesn't factor in the fact that your Pokemon has probably been thrown into many a wall while battling in gyms. or maybe that's what a critical hit is.
I wish you could use odge in game, even though everyone shouts it in the anime
@Tsumeken: but what about the special friends, the chick mentioned before.
though they could have been all hers. it would also be hilarious if DT wins and then he sends out a steelix... i really doubt Atty knows anything about weaknesses.
March 26th, 2013
*sniff sniff* do i smell a backstory
sooo... he's not JUST a pervert who likes little boys?

wait, will this get in the way of the yaoi senses!?
Now an updated character page is a necessity, me wants see prof. p's full description and sexy pic =3 lol
I'm sad for luffin puff but i really really want to see his dad
Charmeleons are perfect, now someone find me an everstone!
@Former DT_Fan: I actually love Charmeleons, I mean I like Charmander too, but Charmeleon is my favorite. And i think the horn looks totally bad ass in the most adorable kinda way.
Charzard sucks though, Charmander was the only starter I never let reach it's final evolution.