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I've got a convention coming up in the next few weeks, and being the one in charge of planning and arranging things for my own party, it's hard to find time to finish the page. Rather then a mess of updates with potential weekly pages, I'd rather put this comic on Hiatus until the events are all over. I'll announce my presence again when it's over and done with (The 28th) and I'll update this comic again that week.

See ya in a few weeks!
Due to events coming up, I'm going to be probably updating on fridays for the next few weeks. This may change back, or may stay the same, it shouldn't cause any issues however.
Here's your totally not late on time Friday webcomic! Get it while it's hot!
A thank you to you guys for staying with me despite people not responding and my lack of effort recently, I've been gaining courage to work harder on this.
As for Mr. Blue hexkin, he has stated he doesn't want his hexkin to be brought back online without him, and basically wants to be a sitting relic until he comes back one day.

as for the hexkin race, you guys don't have to represent them, if you wanna make an M16 and start UFO construction that's your choice, the history of hexkin is mostly aesthetic. Also remember that microbits have powerful construction power, use them well with other items~
A little less Auto then before!
Hosen and Esperr will also be returning next week, so that'll also reduce the lack of partaking there is.
A bit awkward with so many people gone, but a few of them I have been told will return soon, till then, I'll just hafta improv everyone.
(Plus I"ve been delaying this update for a bit too long, sorry on my part)
@GamingNinja: I made a news entry saying I'm not really near my computer for a while. I'll update next week, I'll send messages out too for those who haven't responded yet.
Thought I'd keep dialogue short this time, not much to say that isn't shown.
@xXPRAISE_ITXx: Without saying too much, the land you're all on currently is completely surrounded by water, and boat/other transportation may be needed if any of you wish to travel elsewhere
@ratratrat11: If it's worth examining (Like a species or important object) it will be kept in the global Hex.Logs for everyone to use. If it's something minor, it will be given a small description that you'd probably get anyway if you didn't examine it, so I'd say keep it to a minimum unless importantish, but you're always welcome to try
@xXPRAISE_ITXx: He's just carrying it around for now
As you can see, I'm working on making the map less empty and more... "Scenic". Well, at least until you all start building ur fancy kingdoms and houses around the place.

I've updated Hex.Logs to include SLUGS and added a chapter for the current map that will be updated every page with places explored across all parties.
@EpicChild: Probably not :b but to be honest it's probably shallow enough to walk through so you'll be fine
@GamingNinja: Mana is recovered over time without using magic, instantly through a potion, or various other methods that'll probably exist in le future.
Been trying to think of ways to include a sort of "minimap" that shows where everyone is relative to each other without giving away the unseen. Also, yes, I did take the entire map I made (Most of which still unexplored and yet to be seen) and mapped out an entire underground to it for this page.
@EpicChild: Not particularly, when I started the comic I just wanted to narrator to be really passive aggressive to everyone, and decided to make this page to explain it. The chip shouldn't be relevant to the story much at all, but you're always free to humor its words ;b