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CGI student drawing silly comics in my free time, when provided with free time.

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    That person who did the My Immortal comic.
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Well it was on the "latest page" thumbnail because you'd just uploaded it, I suppose... I was going to comment on Chapter 14 page 19 but then I saw this one show up, so I commented on this one.

It's nice to follow it day by day now...
I read all of it.

Now it feels weird not to have a "next page" link ;_;

I love this comic! It's captivating and very well written... I have to admit it took me a while to identify the characters but now I'm really into it and I can't wait to see the rest of it! I really admire how fast and well you're able to draw these... Keep going, it's excellent!
Heehee nice My Immortal reference xD
But seriously WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING I'm actually wondering.
Poor Atticus, for once it's not him intimidating people.
Holy shit I clicked three times on the "next page" button hoping for a new page DAMMIT. I like where this is going and I like the characters, keep it up!
Wow... I started reading this yesterday and now I understand why it's so popular. I really admire you for updating so often with such detailed and well-drawn pages! Off to read the rest of it now...
@H0lyhandgrenade - Thank you very much! I should really try to find more time to update...
Sorry for the sloppiness of this page x_x it was very difficult to adapt.

Also before you ask, yes it is Abra the Pokémon ( ) in Vampire's womb. It's a pun with "Abra Kedavra". Yes I have to explain it, I got a lot of questions for it back when this page was posted to deviantART, I explained it to every single person who asked until I decided to write it in the description x)
This is the part when they cry. A LOT.
My favorite page so far.
And this marks the end of the pages from 2009-2010 -- the next chapter will be brand new but I don't know when it will come. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!
Yes this is Harry Potter, and quite possibly one of the ugliest things I've ever drawn.

And yes she does spray her hair purple, it's not just my own lazyness :)
Video referred to in panel 4:

@Advertisement: I know, it gets posted pretty much everywhere since I posted it on DA and Drunkduck in 2009, that's why I watermarked it... Apparently I'm doing the "different, better comic by someone who doesn't claim to know Gilespie" x)
@eishiya: Maybe by the end of the month but no promises, I might be busy.
So it begins -- one page per chapter, chapter 1 skipped because nothing happens.

Original fanfic - Chapter 1