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Naughty naughty boy. up-a-good-point/
You. Put. This. Stuff. On. The. Sprites. Page.
September 1st, 2009
Oh boy, Street Fighter.
Jesus, you guys aren't supposed to do this sort of thing. Just put it on the sprites page.
I wish I could say no, oh lord how I wish I could say no.

Learn to make a comic and then you can join.
Spagett, he's allowed to hate it.
Let's just empty all the doors and start over.
Seav, he's not being serious. He's just making fun of you.
Donkey Kong Country's sprites were renders.
So are the images I'm using.
And what do YOU consider a sprite then?
Reverse Peter Pan syndrome, anyone?
He just left, anyway.
Hurr someone's butthurt
A two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional model = render
DKC sprites = renders
My renders = sprites
Exactly. The sprites in DKC are renders of 3d models, just like the sprites I'm using.
If this isn't a sprite, then what is Donkey Kong Country?
That's just your opinion. You're not perfect either.