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I'm back! yay! but just one page. I'll try and get the rest done soon.
... ... ... I swear I checked the spelling before I submited this... uh... well, okay, in the first panel, it's supposed to say "power" not "poser" and as soon as I can unlock my files I'll change it.
going back to post...
I hafta post, cuz I really like how the first panel came out. Sayo's so fun to draw ^_^
Last of tonight
Last page for tonight. Sorry about the crap quality, but I was in a hurry and pretty tired...

Heh, another group of faceless ppl. The rest'll be going up tomorrow so stay tuned!
Augh! Only twenty more minutes!!! FLY FLY!!!
Almira is colored, though I can't say the same will be for Ain when I get to her.
Hee hee, more bishieness in the first panel, I couldn't resist putting sparkles in!
Poor Kromdor, his character is so expressive. Good thing Shade is there to keep him on the ground.
Muwahahaha! Ph34r my Awesome powers at making girls look permiscuous (methinks that is the right word...) Anyway, onto the other pages!
yay, more of Sayo! I like drawing her. Probably of the next page that's coming up ^_^
This page is kinda cut and dry, not much too it, so ON TO THE NEXT ONE!
Now for my favorite page! I love Kromdor's Random Bishie moment, inserted purely for my enjoyment ^_^
I hate drawing extra ppl of no consequence to the story. They all get blank faces, cuz I don't like them :D
Crappy speedlines, sorry bout that Neko and Nogi.
I liek Kromdor's face in the first panel ^_^
yay, the coins look semi-like coins...

and who is that mysterious shadow?!? We'll find out should I ever get to that page :D
Hee hee, the coins look like potatoes. POTATOES OF GOLD!!! Okay, I'll stop now and get to work on the next page.
And now the story finally starts! ugh, I hope it looks alright...
the only thing is the fact that I'm doing everthing strictly digital, so I'm not inking on paper or sketching for that matter. When I get to the pages I haven't done yet, I'm gonna hafta do everything off the top of my head. So I hope I don't mess it up too bad.
This is my crapola attempt at a castle. The second frame is the emblem on the flags, sorry it isn't more obvious