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Hi.... i like pie i you want to chat i can be found on chatbox
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    hint: it is not poyo
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> fly around to the next place in human form
this..... was actually the first creeper to appear on this comic
>grab the shoe, and walk by someone as a floating shoe, and scare them
tega: get outa da water

roger : befriend the beast
roger:ask y toga is SO HAPPYZZZ after murder
toga : reply
edd's ghost : attack man after expplainmation
same as djoing's
Roger (if still have to do it like this)>throw Edd threw the gate and follow the thrown edd threw the gate
Roger: put edd in front of you and run at 300 mph back to the lake and apples then lightly drop him
i second Broker
link : Acepting co authoes and requesting
i forth ultima
this comic was beast and first one 1 saw on here it is sad to see it go
@NMA: replyedtoreplytoreplytolate
yay pokemon gotta catch em all (catches all)