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I heart anime, clear and simple. I will add more later.
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And I thank you very much,Ko_Okami-san. *bows*
I totally meant to update here last Friday, but I forgot. ;_; I had it on Drunk Duck in time, though. ^_^'
For those confused...
In Japan, PDA is a social crime. Nitoko and Kotoni both hate PDA.
almost shojo-ai
The couple holding hands (Nitoko and Kotoni's older brother and best friend) were, originally, gonna be two girls. ^^' I changed my mind at the last second.

Ariwashi (the blue-haired boy) is making fun of the panel by slumping his shoulders. YOU MEANIE!
Kotoni-chan, I love yooooouuu!
run, forest, run
The first three panels were already in my head at the time. The other two I drew as I went along. BTW, there's no pre-planned script. It's kind of experimental.
Yep, I randomly came up with a hair color for the boy. After that, I decided That all (if not, most) of the characters' hair colors would be unnatural.
Yeah, I made this real quick. It was mostly for my benefit, so the main characters would have a look. There was no character designing before-hand. heheh
Here's the cover!
I haven't decided if this will be one volume or more. If it's just one, I'll change the "Volume 1" part. The ideas for this manga changed a couple times, all in my head. I'm glad that I stuck to this one. ^^
You are correct, sir. 'Cept, since I made the page, he's proven himself to be an immature prick. XP
no, it's neon glow. *remembered!*
They're moslty done by hand. I pencil them, ink them, shade them and add sound effects by hand. They look weird when I scan them in, so I use photoshop to fix them up and add the words.
No one's too busy for a good story! Ears? rocks! *pumped* >D
JIMA-SAN WAS FREAKIN' HARD TO DRAW!!! He seriously make me wanna punch an old guy and scream, "WHY DO OLD PEOPLE GOTTA LOOK SO OLD?!" Geez...
Edit: This is the point where you dear readers have to wait for updates. Next update is August 1st.
XD pt. 2
Here is our first big-ish minor character, Yesman! I haven't really decided what his eyes look like behind those glasses. By the way, those glasses are designer! (J/K...probably)
Where's Waldo?
In the crowd scene on panel 4, I used 5 of my other manga characters and my ex-boyfriend.Do you see them? 3.3
I used a Photoshop effect on this page (forget what it's called, though D:). Every panel/page where the setting is the Spirit Realm will use this effect.
You'll learn why Ashley's so jumpy and why it's her voice over at the end of the series.
Copyright infringement
Yes, Ashley's mom and Risa's mom are based off of my mom and KitsuneRay's mom, though I exagerated KitsuneRay's mom. I love mama-chan (KR's mom), though.