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i lovelovelove YAOI && SHOTA, manga, anime, drawing, writing, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc!!!
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February 5th, 2008
shota-y kitties are never a bad thing, kizzy.... XD

this is so adorable!! how come i didnt know you were doing this sooner!!??? cant wait for some updates :3
awww i love zebras! and your zebra is soo cute! i hope he will feel better!
*gives you comments and rates* i can see why Mr.Wantanabe is so popular, he's cute (especially with that little hat!) Kizzy , you're doing an awesome job and you deserve 800+ fans!! yayyy for Kizzy!
awww i am growing to love this comic more and more with each new page!! awesomeawesomeawesome!!
aww how cute!! did you make it?? if you did, then you are very good at making plushies! its adorable!
awwww cheer up Oden! dont listent o him! the prince does love you! xD

yayyyy for update!!
awww look at the little piggy drawing on Travis's wall!! too cute!! xDD cant wait for the next update!
ahh to cute!! maybe Josh crashed the trains so he could have time with Metis!xDD i cannot wait for the next update!
awww those two brothers are so mean!!

very cute art! i love this comic!
*does the new page dance*

yaaaaaayyy! i love updates! i completely LMAO at the Tamago-chu's lines and when Ryo said he was sexy in those shorts! but poor Taki is still emo in the background!! i hope Travis will 'make-up' for ingoring him =] >w<
Ryo=O's? now those i would buy!!!

poor Taki!! he's just in the background bein emo cause Ryo is stealin his uke!! >.<
omg that was amazing! yeayy for extras!!

tha chibi-smex made me laugh so hard!! >w<
Swan Lake next?? cool i cannot wait!!
February 26th, 2007
oooo Mr.Dad guy better not hit him or something in front of Taki and Ryo!! that would be so sad!! >.<;;;; *her mind is racing at the thoughts of what could happen and spazzes out*

very cute, very cute! i think i like Ichiro the best (is a sucker for semes in glasses)

omg a Taki plushie!! i would defidently buy one if they were for sale or something!! kawaii~i!!
i decided to start reading this doujin, Kizzy, and i must say i absolutaly ADORE IT!!!! i love it to death and my fav character has to be Taki. so cute and emo-licious!!! xDD

i cannot wait until the next page!!
kizzzy-chan you absolutaly made my week!! thanks so much for updating! i cant wait until the next page!
kizzy-chan!! i found it and decided to become your fan/friend thingy! please continue soon! sooooo cute! xDD =]