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who was the person with the light hair, the one who was talking with Hillaree in the beginning of this page? I'm interested to know.

One question I did have, when Hillaree was saying that she didn't need anybody was that before Shellee became a part of the family or is Shellee included in that? Or is it that Hillaree is only talking about her adopted father's relatives.

Now we have a Dun-dun-dun moment, stay tuned to find out what happens next on "Gotta Past."
haha for some reason I can't help but imagine Mewtwo from the movie suddenly becoming interested in the pokeballs that are flying around and having him say "uh-oh we lost the pokeball and doing a happy dance when he finds one. (sorry that was just a random thought.

Poor Giovanni, he wanted something more '...intimidating..." and ended up with something with a mind of a two year old. I can't wait to see what Blaine says in response to Giovanni's complaint.
haha I couldn't stop laughing. Mewtwo is so cute. Though the picture of Giovanni at the bottom was very tiny did he have a tear in his eye from surprise?
haha the fruits of Dialga's labor is now being shown. I have a feeling something awesome is going to happen down the road. :D

I'm happy to say I have now caught up with this web comic now off to the others you have to get them up to date.

btw I don't know if I already told you this or not but I really like how your banner turned out.

Also I love how Gardevoir turned out (haha I probably spelled the name wrong but I love how she turned out.
No I don't want her to lose her new family. I don't want her to lose Shellee. She'll be all alone (she meaning Hillaree). I'm loving Dialga all the more. I think that what he's doing is the right way to go. Arceus is just feeling the pressure mount up and who knows if she'll even want to help him. I hope she'll help save the world for Dialga's sake.
Well haha I shouldn't have commented so early. My question I asked about whether Dialga knew Mewthree was answered in this page.
haha I love Dialga in your webcomic. On the offchance do Mewthree and Dialga know each other, and if they do, do they get along? For some weird reason I have a hankering to know.
ya now that's more like it. Way to go Dialga.
haha if you loathe Arceus so much then why did you put him in your web comic, haha I was just curious about that. I like Dialga in your webcomic because he's very upbeat and cheerful. haha Palkia is such a worry wart and a sour puss.
haha now I see where that V-8 gag strip got its creativity from. Once I read this page it was like a light was turned on and I laughed.
haha I wonder what Dialga is whistling about. He sure seems in a good mood.
ah now that's too funny. I'm probably reading into things too much but it seemed like Palkia's been itching to hit Dialga for a while now.

Silly Dialga not drinking his juice. No wonder he's always in a bad mood during those movies.
What's that?
wow that's priceless. I love how Giovanni looks up and says "what's that?" haha sorry but for some reason that was my favorite part on that page.
ah poor Guy he's in denial. He is secretly hoping to see Rekka but keeps asking himself why. I'd probably do the same thing if I hadn't seen somebody for almost 15 years.

hmm Vye on a different note I'm curious, why would it take legendaries more effort to travel through dimensions? Aren't they legendary and have a lot of power?
hmm something is going down. Shame on those numans for trying to take over Earth. I have a feeling that this whole conquering thing doesn't sit well with some of the Numans.
ahhhh... how dare they say Reka was broken. That's not very nice haha I know that's not what they meant but I just thought I should be a little funny. :D so I have the perfect gag strip, I'll just start drawing it for when you do the next gag strip thing :D.
If Ven is the guy in the top left-hand corner I'd have to say I probably have another fav character. :D I love his hair the most I think :D
haha its no fair that we all have to wait. Artists really love to be suspenseful.
now this one's awesome. Boltz is so cute. Poor Hillaree is hurt and Boltz is actually putting aside his fear to help her yay.
now this is where I hope Abra will step in, haha probably not but haha that's what I predict and I'm sticking to it haha. hmm so you say you have a writer's block, :D if you're having problems figuring out how to draw it then wouldn't it be drawer's block?

Ya its not fun have a block of any kind, :D i know that one for sure because its just so annoying.